10th Class Physics Chapter 17 MCQs with Answers

The purpose of this online test is to help you evaluate your 10th Class Physics Chapter 17 MCQs for your High School – Grade 10 exams. We are presenting you with top MCQS questions from 10th Class Physics Information and Communication Technology. Check the understanding and concept of the chapter. you can test your knowledge and evaluate yourself. 

10th Class Physics Chapter 17 MCQs with Answers

Physics Class 10 Notes Major Concepts: ICT, Flow of information, Transmission of the electrical signal through wires, Transmission of radio waves through space, Fax machine, cell phone, and photophone, Transmission of light signal through optical fibers, Computer, Information storage devices, Application of Computer. 10th Class Physics Chapters include Chapter 10 – Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves, Chapter 11 – Sound, Chapter 12 – Geometrical Optics, Chapter 13 – Electrostatics, Chapter 14 – Current Electricity, Chapter 15 – Electromagnetism, Chapter 16 – Basic Electronics, Chapter 17 – Information and Communication Technology and Chapter 18 – Atomic and Nuclear Physics

What is Information and Communication Technology?

“The technology by means of which information can be handled, processed, transmitted and recorded by applying modern science is called information technology”. “OR”

“The scientific method of storing, protecting, processing, transmitting, receiving, and retrieving information is called information technology (I.T)

Due to I.T, the various learning resources can be accessed instantly, by students as well as by teachers at their convenience. Presently the world has become a small well informed and well-connected village which is called a global village.

10th Class Physics Chapter 17 MCQs: Information and Communications Technology

(1) Which source has shortened the distances and has brought in contact with the whole world?

(a) Telephone

(b) Mobile phone

(c) Fax machine

(d) all given

(2) In computer terminology, processed data is called

(a) Output

(b) Information

(c) Input

(d) Procedure

(3) Which is basically an electronic based system of information transmission, reception, processing and retrieval?

(a) ICT

(b) IDT or OR

(c) CRO

(d) ADC or DAC

(4) The method used for communication of information to far off places instantly is called

(a) Telecommunication

(b) Information

(c) Transfer of data

(d) Production

(5) The term refers to machinery in computer terminology is

(a) Software

(b) Hardware

(c) Data

(d) procedures

(6) Supports equipments of hardware are

(a) Storage devices

(b) Output devices

(c) Communication devices

(d) All given

(7) Which refers to computer programs and the manuals that support them?

(a) Software

(b) Hardware

(c) Data

(d) Information

(8) Which are facts that are used by programs to produce useful information?

(a) Data

(b) Software

(c) Hardware

(d) programs

(9) Which technology is used in mobile phones?

(a) Computer

(b) Internet

(c) Radio

(d) Fax machine

(10) Which technology is used in Videophone?

(a) 2G

(b) 3G

(c) 5G

(d) None

(11) The transfer information from one place to another through different electronic and optical equipment is

(a) Flow of information

(b) Information storage

(c) Information collection

(d) Cheque information

(12) In telephone, information is sent in the form of signals through

(a) Wires

(b) Plastic

(c) Spring

(d) Threads

(13) The essential part of any communication. system is

(a) Transmitter

(b) Transmission channel

(c) Receiver

(d) All given

(14) Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 made a :

(a) Machine

(b) Computer

(c) Telephone

(d) Cell

(15) Telephones sent voice in the form of

(a) Waves

(b) Electrical signals

(c) Mechanical signals

(d) Magnetic signals

(16) Who design and operate the software & feed input data, build the hardware for the smooth & effective running of any CBIS?

(a) Software

(b) Hardware

(c) People

(d) Data

(17) Major Components of CBIS?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 5

(d) 7

(18) Cell phone transmission are made with

(a) Microwaves

(b) Radio waves

(c) Visible waves

(d) All

(19) The most important of hardware of computer system is?

(a) Monitor

(b) CPU

(c) Hard Disk

(d) Processor

(20) The mouthpiece of telephone contains thin metal diaphragm and granules of

(a) Carbon

(b) Aluminium

(c) Sulphur

(d) Copper

(21) The speed of sound in air is

(a) 1850 km per hour

(b) 1200km per hour

(c) 1550km per hour

(d) 1246km per hour

(22) Information in the form of audio frequency (AF) signals may be transmitted directly by

(a) Wire

(b) Computer

(c) Cable

(d) TV

(23) For sending information over a long distance it has to be superimposed on;

(a) Mechanical waves

(b) Electromagnetic waves

(c) Sound waves

(d) Kinetic waves

(24) At the radio station, sound waves produced are changed into electrical signals through

(a) Microphone

(b) Modem

(c) Speaker

(d) Head phone

(25) Which device basically scans a page to convert its text and graphic into an electronic signal and transmit it?

(a) Cell phone

(b) Photo phone

(c) Fax machine

(d) Text machine

(26) Cell phone is a type having two way communication:

(a) T.V

(b) computer

(c) Radio

(d) Microwave oven

(27) Cell phone sends angl receives the message in the form of

(a) Electronic aves

(b) Radio waves

(c) Mechanical waves

(d) Magnetic waves

(28) Cell phone net” ork system consists of

(a) Base stations

(b) Mobile switching center

(c) Cells

(d) All of above

(29) Which is an electronic computing machine used for adding, subtracting and multiplying?

(a) Mobile

(b) Computer

(c) Cell phone’

(d) Photo phone

(30) The most important piece of hardware is

(a) Monitor

(b) Keyboard’

(c) Printer

(d) CPU

(31) Microprocessor is tiny rectangular chip present in

(a) CPU

(b) monitor

(b) Printer

(c) Keyboard

(32) Which refers to the instructions or programs?

(a) Hardware

(b) Software

(c) Monitor

(d) Keyboard

(33) Which are more compact and portable

(a) Desktop

(b) Computers

(c) Laptops

(d) All of these

(34) Which statement is incorrect for primary memory?

(a) It consists of integrated circuit

(b) It vanishes when computer is switched off

(c) Read only memory

(d)’ Random access memory

(35) Which statement is correct about secondary memory?

(a) Data storage devices are secondary memory

(b) Store data permanently in cönnputer

(c) Audio-video cassettes are secondary storage devices

(d) All given are true

(36) Which is a small magnetically sensitive, flexible, plastic wafer housed in a plastic case?

(a) Floppy

(b) Cassette

(c) Video-disk

(d) Audio disk

(37) Floppy is coated with

(a) Magnetic oxide

(b) Sulphuric oxide

(c) Potassium oxide

(d) Silver oxide

(38) Which is a rigid, magnetically sensitive disk that spins rapid and continuous inside the computer chassis?

(a) Floppy

(b) Hard disk

(c) Cåssette

(d) Compact disk

(39) A typical floppy has a storage capacity between

(a) 1 and 3 MB

(b) 2 and 4MB

(c) 3 and 5MB

(d) 6

(40) A CD can store computer data

(a) 680 megabyte

(b) 660 megabyte

(c) 620 megabyte

(d) 610 megabyte

(41) Which is a small storage device that can be used to transport files from one computer to another?

(a) Compact disk

(b) Hard disk

(c) Flash drive

(d) Floppy disk

(42) Use of computer through which we can write a letter, article, book or prepare a report, is called;

(a) Word processing

(b) Internet

(c) Data management

(d) Browser

(43) Which function allows uses to view web pages?

(a) Web-browsing

(b) email

(c) Ecommerce

(d) All of the above

(44) The advantage of e-mail is

(a) Fast communication

(b) Fast Free service

(c) simply to use

(d) All of the above

(45) 1024 bytes are equal

(a) 1 Mb

(b) 1 kb

(c) 1Gb

(d) 1mb

(46) 1 GB is equal to

(a) 1024 bytes

(b) 1024 kilobytes

(c) 1024 megabytes

(d) None

(47) 1 MB equal to

(a) 1024 bytes

(b) 1024 kilobytes

(c) 1024 megabytes

(d) All

(48). Which one is short ter

(a) Hard Disk

(b) Floppy Disk

(c) Mågnetic Disk

(d) None?

(49) The areas between pits called

(a) Panel

(b) spiral

(c) lands

(d) Flate

(50) Which device is slightly larger than gum stick

(a) CD

(b) Floppy Disk

(c) Flash Drive

(d) Hard disk\

(51) Internet is a global web of more than one million nets in which more than computers are operating?

(a) 50 million

(b) 20 million

(c) 10 billion

(d) 20 billion

(52) Which one is an example of browsers?

(a) Opera

(b) Motor

(c) Pipette

(d) Gyroscope

(53) The most common form of crime on the internet is?

(a) Over use

(b) Theft

(c) Hacking

(d) None

(54) Which of the following are electromagnetic waves?

(a) Radio waves

(b) Compressional waves

(c) Sound waves

(d) None

(55) What is a floppy disk made of?

(a) Nonmetal

(b) Metal

(c) Soft Plastic

(d) None of these

(56) Storage devices work on which principle?

(a) Heat

(b) Electricity

(c) Sound

(d) Magnetism

(57) Which waves are the radio waves?

(a) Mechanical waves

(b) Electronic waves

(e) Electromagnetic waves

(d) None of these

(58) Who invented radio?

(a) Graham bell

(b) Newton

(c) Marconi

(d) Faraday

(59) Who transmitted the first radio signal in the air?

(a) Graham bell

(b) Newton

(c) Marconi

(d) Faraday

(60) The process to draw the required line or pictures on a computer screen using, mouse or keyboard is called

(a) Graphic designing

(b) Line designing

(c) Data designing

(d) Picture designing

(61) To collect information for a special purpose and to store it in the computer in more than one interlinked files is called

(a) Data base

(b) Data Storing

(c) Data managing

(d) Data processing

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