9th Class Chemistry Chapter 02 MCQs with Answers

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9th Class Chemistry Chapter 02 MCQs with Answers

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MCQs Class 9 Chemistry with Answers

The purpose of these online MCQs tests is to help you evaluate your 9th Class Chemistry Chapter 02 MCQs. These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) will prepare you for your academic success in the 9th Class Exams. 9th Class Chemistry chapters includes Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Chemistry, Chapter 2 – Structure of Atoms, Chapter 3 – Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties, Chapter 4 – Structure of Molecules, Chapter 5 – Physical States of Matter, Chapter 6 – Solutions, Chapter 7 – Electrochemistry and Chapter 8 – Chemical Reactivity

What is the Structure of Atoms?

Atoms consist of three basic particles: protons, electrons, and neutrons. The nucleus (centre) of the atom contains the protons (positively charged) and the neutrons (no charge). The outermost regions of the atom are called electron shells and contain electrons (negatively charged).

9th Class Chemistry Chapter 01 MCQs: Structure of Atoms

1. Matter is composed of tiny indivisible particles called:

(a) Element
(b) Atom
(c) Compound
(d) substance

2. Atom of the same elements are

(a) Different
(b) Alike
(c) Comparable
(d) Active

3. Gas discharge tube experiment was performed by:

(a) J.J. Thomson
(b) Rutherford
(c) Dalton
(d) William Crooks

4. The pressure inside the discharge tube for the discovery of electrons was kept

(a) 104 atm
(b) 10-4 atm
(c) 1014 atm
(d) 10-14 atm

5. Who was the pioneer of vacuum tubes?

(a) William Crooks
(b) Rutherford
(c) Bohr
(d) Dalton

6. The nature of canal rays depends upon:

(a) Nature of anode
(b) Nature of Cathode
(c) Nature of gas
(d) Nature of particles\

7. The mass of a proton is times more than that of an electron:

(a) 1830
(b) 1840
(c) 2
(d) 3

8. Which one of the followings is produced by the bombardment of the helium particle on beryllium?

(a) Alpha particle
(b) Beta particle
(c) Neutron
(d) Gamma rays

9. The highly penetrating rays are:

(a) Alpha particle
(b) Beta particle
(c) Neutron
(d) Both a & b

10. Neutron was discovered by

(a) Rutherford
(b) Chadwick
(c) Bohr
(d) William Crooks

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