9th Class Chemistry Chapter 04 MCQs with Answers

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9th Class Chemistry Chapter 04 MCQs with Answers

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MCQs Class 9 Chemistry with Answers

These online MCQs tests are to help you evaluate your 9th Class Chemistry Chapter 04 MCQs. These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) will prepare you for your academic success in the 9th Class Exams. 9th Class Chemistry chapters includes Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Chemistry, Chapter 2 – Structure of Atoms, Chapter 3 – Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties, Chapter 4 – Structure of Molecules, Chapter 5 – Physical States of Matter, Chapter 6 – Solutions, Chapter 7 – Electrochemistry and Chapter 8 – Chemical Reactivity

What is the Structure of Molecules?

Molecules are held together by shared electron pairs or covalent bonds. Such bonds are directional, meaning that the atoms adopt specific positions relative to one another so as to maximize the bond strengths. As a result, each molecule has a definite, fairly rigid structure, or spatial distribution of its atoms.

9th Class Chemistry Chapter 04 MCQs: Structure of Molecules

1. Elements of group 18 are called:

(a) Noble metals
(b) Noble gases
(c) Noble
(d) None of these

2. Element attaining eight electrons in its outermost shell are called

(a) plet rule
(b) octet rule
(c) Both“A” and “B”
(d) None of these

3. The force of attraction which holds the molecule atom together is called

(a) Ionic bond
(b) Covalent bond
(c) hydrogen bond
(d) Chemical bond

4. Every atom tries to attain

(a) Maximum energy
(b) Stable energy
(c) Minimum energy
(d) Covalent energy

5. Which force of attraction is present between positive and negative ions?

(a) Homolytic
(b) Electrostatic
(c) Electro elastic
(d) Electronic

6. A bond formed by the complete transfer of electron from one atom to other is called

(a) Chemical bond
(b) Covalent bond
(c) Ionic bond
(d) metallic bond

7. Hydrogen acquires the electronic configuration like

(a) Xe
(b) Ne
(c) He
(d) Ar

8. In non polar covalent bond the bonded atoms share the electrons

(a) Not equally
(b) Equally
(c) Differently
(d) Oppositely

9. In polar covalent bonds molecules are

(a) Homo atomic
(b) Tri atomic
(c) Hetero atomic
(d) Mono atomic

10. Dipole-dipole interactions are

(a) Magnetic
(b) Electric
(c) Neutral
(d) Stable

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