9th Class Computer Science Chapter 07 MCQs with Answers

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9th Class Computer Science Chapter 07 MCQs with Answers

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MCQs Class 9 Computer Science with Answers

The purpose of these online MCQs tests is to help you evaluate your 9th Class Computer Science Chapter 07 MCQs. These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) will prepare you for your academic success in the 9th Class Exams. 9th Class Computer Science Chapters include Chapter No. 01 Introduction to Computer, Chapter No. 02 Computer Components, Chapter No. 03 Input Output Devices, Chapter No. 04 Storage Device, Chapter No. 05 Number Systems, Chapter No: 06 Boolean Algebra, Chapter No: 07 Computer Software and Chapter No: 08 Introduction To Windows

What is Computer Software?

Software is a set of instructions, data or programs used to operate computers and execute specific tasks. It is the opposite of hardware, which describes the physical aspects of a computer. Software is a generic term used to refer to applications, scripts and programs that run on a device.

Chapter No: 7 Computer Software

1: DOS is a

(a) Software

(b) Hardware

(c) Application

(d) None

2: The DOS command for creating a new subdirectory is




(d) None

3: System software can be subdivided into

(a) Service

(b) OS

(c) Translator

(d) All

4: Clearing the screen

(a) CLS

(b) DEL



5: Finding the DOS version

(a) DIR

(b) VER

(c) REN

(d) TYPE

6: Multi user operating and Multitasking operating system

(a) Windows

(b) Windows NT

(c) UNIX

(d) Macintosh

7: REN command

(a) Displaying a directory

(b) Deleting a file

(c) Renaming a file

(d) Displaying a file

8: Application software can be subdivided into

(a) Business

(b) Entertainment

(c) Education

(d) All

9: GUI stands for

(a) Grand user interface

(b) Graphic user interface

(c) Graphic Unprime interface

(d) None

10: Which of the following is not an example of application software?

(a) MS-Word

(b) MS-Excel

(c) Windows

(d) Lotus 123

11: Which of the following is not an example of system

(a) MS-Word

(b) OS

(c) Translator

(d) Drivers

12: The system software is used to control the

(a) Software

(b) Hardware

(c) Both a b

(d) Freeware

13: Operating system is a software

(a) System

(b) Application

(c) Shareware

(d) None

14: Set of programs that coordinate the computers software and hardware is called

(a) Operating system

(b) Application software

(c) Flowchart

(d) All

15: Example of command line interface is the command prompt provided by

(a) Windows

(b) Linux

(c) Ms-Dos

(d) None

16: “It reduces the size of stored text files.” The statement is true for which of the following choices,

(a) Translator

(b) Norton’s editor

(c) Data compression

(d) Library

17: The interface provided by a matrix of row and column for manipulate with numeric data is called

(a) Spreadsheet

(b) Word processor

(c) Database

(d) Graphic

18: UNIX is a

(a) Operating system

(b) Application software

(c) Hardware

(d) Firmware

19: DOS is a user operating system

(a) Multi

(b) Single

(c) Multi tasking

(d) Both a c

20: Which of the following operating systems does not provide networking features?

(a) Windows

(b) DOS

(c) UNIX

(d) None

21: Which of the following does not contain instructions in machine language?

(a) Batch file

(b) Text file

(c) Executable file

(d) Both a b

22: NT stands for

(a) Number techniques

(b) New technology

(c) New transistor

(d) None

23: Which DOS command is used to delete one or more specified files from the disk?



(c) DEL

(d) RM

24: Which software controls basic I/O devices?

(a) Device driver

(b) Anti virus

(c) Business software

(d) OS

25: Which is the most user-friendly OS?

(a) DOS

(b) UNIX

(c) GUI

(d) None

26: Which of the following file contains DOS internal command

(a) Batch file

(b) Command file

(c) Executable file

(d) Both a c

27: How many types of DOS commands are there?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

28: UNIX operating system is developed in language

(a) Pascal

(b) C


(d) Java

29: Disk operating system are named because of the fact that they

(a) Perform operations on disks on

(b) Reside on disks

(c) Need 1.4 MB disk

(d) User friendly

30: Floppy disk drive is recognized by

(a) C:\

(b) D:\

(c) A:\

(d) F:\

31: The special files of DOS are

(a) COM

(b) Exe

(c) Bat

(d) All

32: If A:\My is written on DOS prompt it means

(a) File name My and drive is A

(b) The syntax is not valid

(c) File name is A

(d) This file is batch file

33: C:\bin\your.bat means

(a) The statement is invalid

(b) Your file is batch file

(c) C drive has command file

(d) This is an executable file

34: Which of the following DOS commands is used to change from current directory to the root of the drive?

(a) CD Root

(b) CD\

(c) CD..

(d) Both b c

35: Which of the following DOS commands is used to make a new directory?



(c) MD

(d) both b c

36: Which of the following commands is used to delete a directory?




(d) DEL

37: How many wildcards are used in DOS?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

38: Dir can have which of the following parameters

(a) Date

(b) Time

(c) Drive

(d) Volume

39: Prompt St means

(a) Invalid command

(b) Prompt and task

(c)Time will appear

(d) Prompt with difference

40: To view all files in the current directory that has names containing the characters “ab” and having extension “exe” the command is written as

(a) DIR ab.exe

(b) DIR ab*.exe

(c) DIR *ab.exe

(d) DIR *ab*exe

41: Which command is used to copy one or more files and subdirectories in a directory?

(a) COPY



(d) CLS

42: Which command is used to delete all files and subdirectories in a directory?


(b) RD


(d) MD

43: Which command is used in DOS to display the volume label and serial number if they exist?

(a) VOL


(c) VER

(d) TYPE

44: The command DIR???.* displays files that have

(a) Filenames with three characters and have extension of single character

(b) Filenames with maximum three characters and having any extensions

(c) Filenames that must have three character names and have any extensions.

(d) Both a c

45: Which of the following commands is used to set or reset attributes of files?

(a) DIR




46: The general syntax of DATE command is DATE [mm-dd-yy] in which the value of mm may be

(a) 1 to 12

(b) I to 31

(c) 80 to 99

(d) 1980 to 2099

47: Which of the following command is used to see the volume label and serial number of disk

(a) VOL

(b) VER


(d) TYPE

48: How many characters can be used to assign a volume label of a disk?

(a) 11

(b) 111

(c) 256

(d) 110

49: Which of the following commands is used to check errors on the disk and to fix these errors?


(b) VER


(d) None

50: Which of the following commands is used to display the directory structure of a drive or path?


(b) TREE


(d) DIR

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