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Chemistry Online MCQs with question answers for all subjects are given here. These Online Test Preparation Multiple Choice Questions will help you to maximize your marks in the Chemistry subject.

Chemistry (Online MCQS Based Tests) is for preparing all the questions related to different topics of Chemistry, These questions are usually asked in ISSB, NTS, PMS, CSS, CTS, CTSP, ETEA, CTSPAK, ITS, OTS, PTS, NAT, GAT, Pak Army Test, Pak Navy Test, Pak Air Force Test. Candidates should have a good preparation for all the topics of Chemistry.

Chemistry Online MCQs with Answers

MCQs Practice is one the best website for the preparation of Tests related to various Categories. Every Student can prepare well by given Tests provided on Chemistry MCQs. Every single test will help the students to analyze their level of preparation and also help them to prepare well. Various Tests are available on this Platform. Below is the list of all the available tests.

Youth For Pakistan has provided an excellent opportunity for the students to prepare for their Chemistry Preparation Online MCQs. This is a free platform for students to prepare for Chemistry MCQs to get the best accomplishments in their exams. Attempt Chemistry Test Preparation Online MCQs and analyze yourself by attempting this online test system as many times as you want, until you find yourself fully prepared.

Chemistry Topics Wise MCQs

Below is the list of Chemistry Topics and you can find MCQs for all Chemistry MCQs which are necessary for test preparation. Click on the respective topic to get MCQs of that topic. Each topic has thousands of Chemistry questions and answers multiple choice.

We have segregated these MCQs topic-wise so students can prepare better by selecting their required topic and preparing topic-wise for their Chemistry MCQs. Almost all topics of Chemistry are included in the list. If some topic is missing you can tell us by commenting below so we can add that topic in the future.

9th Class Chemistry
Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Chemistry. Chapter 2 – Structure of Atoms, Chapter 3 – Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties, Chapter 4 – Structure of Molecules, Chapter 5 – Physical States of Matter, Chapter 6 – Solutions, Chapter 7 – Electrochemistry, Chapter 8 – Chemical Reactivity

10th Class Chemistry
Chapter 9 – Chemical Equilibrium, Chapter 10 – Acid, Base, and Salts, Chapter 11 – Organic Chemistry, Chapter 12 – Hydrocarbons, Chapter 13 – Biochemistry, Chapter 14 – The Atmosphere, Chapter 15 – Environmental Chemistry, Chapter 16 – Chemical Industries

11th Class Chemistry
Chapter 1 Basic concept, Chapter 2 Experimental Techniques in Chemistry, Chapter No 3 Gases, Chapter 4 Liquids & Solids, Chapter 5 Atomic Structure, Chapter 6 Chemical Bonding, Chapter 7 Thermochemistry, Chapter 8 Chemical Equilibrium, Chapter 9 Solutions, Chapter 10 Electrochemistry, Chapter 11 Reaction Kinetics

12th Class Chemistry
Chapter 1 Periodic Classification Of Elements & Periodicity, Chapter 2 S-block Elements, Chapter 3 Group lll A And Group IVA Elements, Chapter 4 Group VA And VIA Elements, Chapter 5 Halogens And Noble Gases, Chapter 6 Transition element, Chapter 7 Fundamental Principles Of Organic Chemistry, Chapter 8 Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Chapter 9 Hydrocarbons, Chapter 10 Alkyl Halide, Chapter 11 Alcohols Phenols And Ethers, Chapter 12 Aldehydes & Ketones, Chapter 13 Carboxylic Acid, Chapter 14 Macromolecules, Chapter 15 Common Chemical Industries In Pakistan, Chapter 16 Environmental chemistry

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