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The Law admission test is the first step in starting law education. It is organized by the higher education commission of Pakistan (HEC). If a candidate wants to take admission to the LLB program then this test is mandatory. This test plays an important role in assessing the skills and capabilities of the students. LAT test evaluates if the student is eligible for studying law or not. It is specified for the candidates who want to begin their career as lawyers, consultants, judges, and other career opportunities. Let’s discuss all the significant aspects of this test

Details of Law Admission Test
The LAT test is conducted by the higher education commission of Pakistan for the students who intend to take admission in the undergraduate 05 Years LLB program. The LAT means is the law admission test. The test is mandatory for the students so that they can secure admission after passing the HEC LAT test with maximum marks. Through this test, the authorities analyze the skills and abilities of the candidates that want to join the law field. On the direction of the honorable supreme court, the test is conducted for the students that are interested to pursue their careers as lawyers, attorneys, consultants, and judges.

LAT Test Importance
HEC has made the LAT test mandatory and listed it as the required criteria for the LLB degree program. Those who wish to attain their lifelong dream of becoming district attorney, lawyer, civil or high court judge must successfully pass the LAT test to be eligible to carry out the LLB degree program. The LLB program requires students to have very high merit as they face various challenges throughout their law careers. These high education merit and LAT test passing criteria will greatly help achieve the goal of transparency and merit in the Law field education.

Purpose of LAT 2022 Exam
The LAT test is equivalent to the international GRE or graduate record examination that has become a standard for worldwide universities all over the world. The LAT test is used to determine and examine the aptitude of students interested in pursuing a career in the field of Law e.g consultant, attorney, lawyer, etc. GRE exam standard is followed in America and all over the world, afterward, America felt the need for tests regarding law school so they created law school admission test. The LSAT test has been in use since 1945 having six sections to be attempted under 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Pakistan Implementing LAT Exam
India has applied LAT and has been standard for some years regarding admission to LLB colleges for undergraduates. Pakistan’s HEC felt the need for the LAT test towards establishing quality for law graduates so it implemented the LAT test. LAT exam preparation is very important for undergraduate students for attaining success in getting admitted to their desired law colleges for the LLB study program.

LAT Test Value
Students must also note down the LAT examination date as a reminder not to miss the examination and must remember the LAT fee structure 2022. Students seeking admission into the LLB program will be required to attempt various MCQs ranging from English, Islamic Studies, Urdu, Math, Pakistan Studies, General Knowledge, and English. LAT candidates will also be required to complete essays in their desired English or Urdu language. Candidates for the LAT entry test will also be required to enter a personal statement with a maximum of 200 words in their choice of English or Urdu language.

Confused and worried about your upcoming Law Admission Test? Don’t worry, as Youth Times will clear all your questions regarding LAT. HEC introduced the LAT test to filter out the persons not upholding the merit requirements of the Law career field.

LAT Admission Test
The LAT online registration will enable many intelligent students to serve the nation and, therefore, move the country forward. Students seeking law careers like an advocate, civil judges, law associations, etc., must understand the online registration procedure of LAT to be successful.

The LAT examination’s purpose is to test law candidates’ Essay writing, English, Urdu, Islamic Studies, General knowledge, and Mathematics. The law candidates are also required to provide a personal statement for the LAT examination citing their reasons for why they wish to join the law field.

LAT Online Registration Purpose
Intermediate students seeking admission for the LLB program must understand the importance of the LAT online registration process as once the moment passes, it will not come back. Students must ensure that they apply for the LAT admission test as soon as HEC announces it on their website and not start their exam preparation immediately.

LAT Online Registration Process
The government can’t allow students to get admission to their preferred Law college without passing LAT Test and continuing their education.HEC ensures that students register themselves through HEC’s official website ETC.HEC.GOV.PK. LAT registration only allows those students who have successfully created their online portal accounts and completed their profile to be allowed to attend and pass the Law admission test.

LAT Test Registration 2022
The higher education commission announced the LAT registration schedule for 2022. The Intermediate students, who want to get admission in LLB Admission 2022, the test is compulsory for those candidates. LAT test registration 2022, the last date to apply is 17 January 2022. Apply online at the HEC portal link, that is given above. Qualification requirements for LAT Registration 2022 are a minimum Intermediate degree in any subject like F.Sc/ICS/I.Com/FA etc. Important note: awaiting results students can also apply for LAT Test. Here you can download the advertisement for LAT 2022 Test in PDF Format.

LAT Registration Profile
Law students must ensure that they follow the proper procedure as explained by HEC. HEC will not accept incomplete info for registration for the LAT test, so Law students need to make sure that they have all the info they need on hand and carefully fill out all the required information on the online portal for confirmation of their entry.

LAT registration serves an important purpose to filter out all the illegal education profiles and to confirm student credentials as to whether he has HSSC certification, awaiting HSSC final result in order to validate their eligibility. 

LAT Test Registration Process and Important Instructions

  • Before applying online, students must check the complete eligibility criteria, so they are able to register themselves for the HEC LAT exam 2022.
  • For online registration LAT, visit the HEC Login ETC.HEC.GOV.PK and apply online before the closing date.
  • If you found any difficulty during LAT test online registration, visit the HEC Online Help center.
  • Application dividing into two steps: first completed the profile by using my profile section and submit the application by using the link of the LAT admission test as in the menu panel from the online portal on the left-hand side.
  • Only submitted applications will be accepted for the LAT test and any incomplete mode will not be considered.
  • The LAT test fee is Rs. 1000/- and is mandatory. Test fee to be deposited online/ATM in bank draft in account No 1742 7900 133401.
  • You must have an Intermediate degree from any recognized board for LAT test registration.

Students seeking admission to the LLB degree program must become familiar with LAT test eligibility criteria to increase the chance of success in the examination. HEC has imposed specific eligibility criteria for LLB candidates for upholding high standards of merit.

HEC LAT Test Eligibility
Intermediate students must qualify for all the listed HEC LAT test eligibility requirements as specified by HEC. The candidates must have valid HSCC certification along with 50% minimum marks. The LAT exam candidates must also ace their aptitude test by securing a high score to be considered for LLB program admissions.

LAT Test Eligibility Criteria in Pakistan
Intermediate students who are still waiting for their annual exam results and supplementary exam, they too can get themselves registered as they qualify for HEC.

Students who have qualified for special government scholarships cannot apply for the LAT test as they are not allowed according to LAT eligibility criteria. Students must ensure that they have understood all the requirements of the LAT exam and are ready to take the LAT test examination and proceed with the LLB degree program

The LAT eligibility criteria ensure that only Pakistani citizens apply for the LLB degree program. LAT exam ensures that the quality of law candidates is according to international standards as defined by HEC and the government.

LAT Test Eligibility Criteria 2022
To appear in higher education commission, law admission test, educational requirements/eligibility criteria given below:

      • Students must have an Intermediate or equivalent degree to appear in the LAT test.
      • Students who appeared in HSSC annual or supplementary examinations and result awaiting can also register for LAT test registration.
      • Minimum 50% marks in Intermediate examinations are compulsory for LAT test registration.
      • Applicant must secure a minimum of 50% marks in the aptitude test, for further admission.
      • Those students who already avail some scholarships and any other benefit from the government, can’t apply for lat tests.
      • After analyzing the LAT eligibility criteria students should check the fee structure.
      • The applicant should be a citizen of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kasmir.

Law study’s LLB undergraduate degree program requires students to pass the LAT examination. Therefore, Intermediate students need to understand the LAT test fee structure as it is an important step towards getting admission to your desired Law college or university in Pakistan. HEC announces the LAT test fee in the official advertisement through print media, social media, online websites, and the official HEC website.

LAT Fee Structure 2022
Higher education commission (HEC) announces the LAT test schedule for 2022 and the LAT 2022 Test Fee is Rs 1000/-. The students should carefully go through all the details of the LAT fee structure and official guidelines for depositing the government fee through recommended bank branches, ATMs, or online payments.

LAT Fee Payment
LLB students must ensure that their LAT fee does not end up in the wrong account, so make sure that the bank branch is HEC or government recommended for LAT test fee collection and also make sure that the account number you will be entering is the same as the provided HEC account number for LAT fee payment. The students who have difficulty understanding the instructions can contact the HEC helpline or support through their official website.

LAT Test Fee Requirements
Students must require to send a copy of the fee slip that was deposited in the bank through the arm, online transfer, or original bank draft as a courier at this address: 3-209, 2nd Floor, hrd building, Sector H-8, Islamabad or must be transferred before the last date of registration. Applicants can submit only online applications through HEC’s official website. A hard copy of the application and any other documents are not required at this stage. An incomplete application in any case will not be considered.

HEC LAT Test Fee Rules 2022

      • On the backside of the deposited slip or bank draft, must mention the number of CNIC.
      • Once the fee is deposited, it is neither non-refundable nor non-transferable.
      • HEC LAT test fee is Rs 1000/-.
      • Students must see the exam center in which the LAT test will take place.

Intermediate students seeking an LLB degree program need to be on board for the LAT admission test. The government takes the LAT exam test three times a year as per the official government schedule provided by HEC.

LAT Test Schedule

The HEC handles all the Law Admission Test administration and responsibilities concerning listing LAT test centers and creating LAT paper schedules for Intermediate students for the LLB degree program.

HEC LAT Exam Schedule
Students who wish to succeed in the upcoming LAT examination need to ensure that they do not miss the deadline and apply according to HEC guidelines for the LLB degree program

Intermediate students need to keep themselves informed regarding the LAT exam schedule as HEC advertises the LAT admission test’s announcement through advertisements in the leading newspapers, social media, and its official HEC website

Students seeking LAT will be provided with all details like roll number slip and examination center details through their SMS or email by HEC officials. Students of the LAT exam must ensure that they have a copy of their roll number slips and a valid CNIC copy.

Many websites are also misleading intermediate students through fake HEC LAT advertisements, so students must authenticate the validity of the LAT examination announcement through official sources only.

HEC LAT Test Schedule 2022
News for those candidates who want to get admission to LLB (Hons) program in Pakistan’s leading law universities is that the Higher education commission (HEC) has announced the first LAT test schedule for 2022. The last date to apply online was 17 January 2022 and HEC LAT 2022 test date was January 30, 2022. The test was held in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, and Quetta centers. 

LAT Schedule Value
Students who wish to apply for the LAT test will find all their required LAT exam schedules, upcoming test dates, and HEC official LAT advertisement. The students will also get information regarding their examination roll number slips, paper guide, important dates, and official HEC instructions and rules for the LAT admission test. Students should give proper attention and carefully go through all the important sections. 

Important Instructions For HEC LAT Test

      • Any important date must be announced on the HEC website.
      • Students must download their roll slip through the website of HEC as per online registration and also register email addresses a week before the exam date.
      • All details about the test date, roll number slip, and exam center will be sent through email or SMS on the mobile number provided by the students. Applicants should send a valid email or content number to avoid any inconvenience.
      • When selecting the test center from the list, it should not be altered at any cost.
      • On the test day, you should be required to take your copy of the roll number slip and original CNIC to enter the examinational hall.

Previous LAT Test History
There are Four tests conducted in the months of March, August, October, and November 2021 and HEC also announced the answer keys for these tests. 

Students who wish to pass their papers according to the latest LAT test paper pattern, need to prepare and practice all their questions through previous papers or online resources.

Students seeking to get admission in LLB must acknowledge the LAT test paper pattern as to how many questions, MCQ, essays they will be attempting, and the associated LAT test exam marks and weightage attached with each section.

LAT Test Paper Pattern Importance
Law students must also know how much time will be provided for attempting the HEC LAT test by carefully going through and understanding the LAT test paper pattern 2022. Students attempting the LAT test also must know the various essay topics that they might need to prepare for the upcoming LAT test.

LLB degree program requires that students understand all the LAT test paper patterns and relevant law syllabus from which the examination question is taken. With a better understanding of the LAT test pattern, the candidates have a better chance of completing their admission papers and getting admitted to their desired top Law college or university.

LAT Test 2022 Marks Division

Paper Type Content Weightage
Essay 25 Marks
Multiple Choice Question (MCQs) 75 Marks


LAT Test Pattern and Syllabus 2022

Subject/Paper Total Marks Syllabus
Essay (Either in English or Urdu) 15 200 Words Maximum
Personal Statement (Either in English or Urdu) 10 200 Words Maximum
English MCQs 20 MCQs: Synonyms/Antonyms/Prepositions
General Knowledge 20 MCQs: Every Science, Ability General Science, Current Affairs, Information Technology
Islamic Studies 10 MCQs: Introduction to Islam, Concept of Islam, Islam its meaning and Message.
Pakistan Studies 10 MCQs: Ideology of Pakistan, Pakistan’s Presidents and Prime Minister Details
Urdu 10 MCQs: Vocabulary
Mathematics 05 MCQs: Basic Math
LAT Test Total Marks: 100
LAT Test Passing Marks: 50


LAT Test English Recommended Essay

Allama Iqbal
Crime & its causes
Corruption and its causes
poverty and its causes
Prevention of crimes
Human Rights
Energy crises in Pakistan
Terrorism and its Types
My Aim in Life
Co-education in Pakistan
Democracy in Pakistan
Life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

Intermediate Students who wish to pass the LAT test must make sure that they mark their calendar or set an alert in their phone according to the HEC LAT test date sheet announcement, so as not to miss the important day. Students who want to succeed must understand the importance of the LAT test date sheet to be better prepared to handle questions and attempt their papers with ease.

LAT Test Date Sheet Importance
Students seeking their future admission among the top Law universities and colleges must obtain their LAT test date sheet from the provided links available on this page. Students must not miss the date sheet announcement. It is important to know the exact date for better mental preparation for the LAT test, so the LAT test date sheet 2022 is very important for Law students resulting in LLB program admission clearance.

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