English Pairs of Words Often Confused MCQs with Answers

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These General English MCQs consist of Active & Passive VoiceAdjectiveAdverb, Common Error DetectionConditional SentencesConjunctionCorrect Usage of ArticlesDirect & IndirectAnalogyAntonymsGrammarIdioms & PhrasesMasculine And Feminine GenderOne Word SubstitutionPairs of Words Often ConfusedPrepositionSentence CompletionSynonymsInterjectionSentence CorrectionSentence FormationSpelling CheckNounPhrasal VerbsPronounSelecting Words,  SyntaxTensesVerb, and Vocabulary.

Pairs of Words Often Confused Question with Answer

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In these exercises of English Pairs of Words Often Confused MCQs Questions and Answer, students must choose the correct answer to fill in the blank. By completing these exercises, students will enhance their understanding of Pairs of Words Often Confused.

What are Pairs of Words Often Confused?

Confusing Pairs of Words. Many pairs of words sound alike or nearly alike, but each has a different meaning. For example, affect means to influence something, while effect means the result of something. Words like these can be easily confused with each other.

1. The beautiful lady gradually lowered her __________.
Veil (correct)

2. Trespassers will be ________
Prosecuted (correct)

3. Our new house is very __________.
Spacious (correct)

4. A ________ man like Mr. John should not have used such words.
Sensible (correct)

5. The ________ of mango trees are very deep.
Roots (correct)

6. Mr. Akhtar possesses a very strong _________.

7. My brother has no _________ experience of factory life
Practical (correct)

8. Theory ________ practice
Precedes (correct)

9. The condition of the beggar was _________.
Pitiable (correct)

10. The Prime Minister paid on _________ visit to Korea.
Official (correct)

11. Anila is famous for her ________ modesty
Womanly (correct)

12. The climate of Rawalpindi does not _______ my mother.
Suit (correct)

13. This story has a ________ lesson
Morale (correct)

14. My easy are __________.
Sore (correct)

15. The lawyer quoted many _________ in support of his argument.
Precedents (correct)

16. The doctor has _________ this medicine for my father.
Prescribed (correct)

17. Amjad is _____ of his success
Sanguine (correct)

18. We at in the ____________ of a tree.
Shade (correct)

19. I ________ the house where my sister was born
Remember (correct)

20. The Government has issued __________ prohibiting sati.
Ordinance (correct)

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