Everyday Science Online MCQs Set 13

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Everyday Science Online MCQs Set 13 MCQs with Answers

Youth For Pakistan has provided an excellent opportunity for the students of the Everyday Science to prepare their any test online. This is a free platform for students to prepare for Everyday Science to get the best accomplishments in their exams. Attempt Everyday Science Online MCQs Set 13 and analyze yourself by attempting this online test system as many times as you want, until you find yourself fully prepared.

Who is the founder of solar system?

A. Copernicus
B. Newton
C. Galileo
D. Kepler
The number of alveoli in human lungs is estimated to be around:………?
A. 150 millions
B. 500 millions
C. 800 millions
D. 1 billion
New alleles can be introduced into a population’s gene pool by:………?
A. Mutation
B. Natural selection
C. Gene flow
D. Both A & C
When we sleeps blood pressure………….?
A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Remain constant
D. None of these
Among the following which one is a diploblastic organism?
A. Hydra
B. Crabs
C. Squids
D. Earthworm
How many rows and columns are in the modern Periodic Table?
A. 18 columns and 7 rows
B. 12 columns and 9 rows
C. 7 columns and 18 rows
D. 25 columns and 15 rows
Which one of the following toxic metals is extensively present in newspaper?
A. Mg
B. Cd
C. Pb
D. Hg
What are rows in Periodic table called?
A. Period
B. Group
C. Verticals
D. Perpendiculars
Which of the following viruses has caused thousands of deaths globally as an ’emergent’ virus?
C. OC43
What are Columns in Periodic table called?
A. Period
B. Group
C. Verticals
D. Perpendiculars

Non flowering plants are also called plant………?

A. coniferous
B. Abortic
C. Green
D. None of these

Which one is Natural Satellite?

A. Sun
B. Moon
C. Venus
D. Mercury

what is the scientific name of onion?

A. Rana tigrina
B. Allium cepa
C. Aspergillus
D. None of these

Summer solstice means……….?

A. longest day 
B. longest night
C. smallest day
D. none of these

Highly intelligent Mammals are………?

A. rat
B. dolphin
C. bat
D. Elephant

Oncology is the Study of……….?

A. Onions
B. Origins
C. Cancer
D. Diseases

……….. is a mammal who fly?

A. Ostrich
B. Bat
C. Peacock
D. None of these

How many moons does Neptune have?

A. 63
B. 12
C. 19
D. 14

Linnaeus published the list of names of plants in………..?

A. 1752
B. 1753
C. 1754
D. 1755

Winter Solstice means…………?

A. longest night
B. longest day
C. smallest night
D. smallest day

Which of the following are the properties of Anti inflammatory medicines?

A. Anti inflammation
B. Immuno suprent
C. Anti pyratic
D. All

How many moons does Uranus have?

A. 15
B. 12
C. 27
D. 45

Stress indicating hormones are…………?

A. Cortisol
B. Adrenaline
D. All of these

What do you understand by disease “Insomnia”?

A. Color blindness
B. Depression
C. Hypertension
D. Inability to sleep

Which of the following are insulin dependent Glut receptors?

A. Glut 1&3
B. Glut 2
C. Glut 1
D. Glut 4

Frog Heart has how many chambers?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

Cats mostly show which type of Diabetes Mellitus?

A.Type 1 diabetes
B. Type 2 diabetes
C.Both A. & B
D. None of these

Which of the following is used in Pencils?

A. Graphite
B. Silicon
C. Charcoal
D. Phosphorous

Which of the following is a Non Metal that remains Liquid at room temperature?

A. Phosphorous
B. Bromine
C. Chlorine
D. Helium

Dogs mostly show which type of Diabetes Mellitus:

A. Type 1 diabetes
B. Type 2 diabetes
C. Both a& b
D. None of these

Stimulus for CCK hormone is………..?

A. Fat, Protein
B. Acid
C. Base
D. Both A & B

Who is Considered as Father of Botany?

A. Aristotle
B. Gregor Joghn Mandle
C. Theophrastus
D. Corlous Linnaeous

Which tube joins kidneys and bladder?

A. Urethra
B. Uretar
C. Inferno Verna Cava
D. Suprapubic Tube

In Eye donation, which part of the eye used?

A. Retina
B. Iris
C. Cornea
D. Optic nerve

What is the percentage of water present in our brain?

A. 85%
B. 95%
C. 97%
D. 73%

Inhaled air passes through which of the following in the last?

A. Bronchiole
B. Larynx
C. Pharynx
D. Trachea
E. None of these

There are cells in human body called Faggot cells which cause……….?

B. Tuberculosis
C. Smallpox
D. Leukaemia

It is observed that the total pressure exerted by air on the man of average size is around 14.7 lb wt. per square inch. But the man feels quite comfortable,. It is because of……….?

A. An equal and opposite pressure acts from inside
B. of the height of a man
C. of gravity
D. Earth pulls the man upward
E. None of these

Human blood is a viscous fluid due to………?

A. Platelets in plasma
B. Proteins in blood
C. RBC and WBC in blood
D. Sodium in serum

The Sun produces most of its energy by………….?

A. Nuclear fusion
B. nuclear fission
C. Burning hydrogen
D. None of these

What is called movement of cell against concentration gradient ?

A. Passive Transport
B. Osmosis
C. Active Transport
D. Diffusion

Primary cosmic rays are composed largely of very fast……….?

A. Protons
B. Neutrons
C. Electrons
D. Gamma rays

Which of the following secrete hydrochloric acid in stomach?

A. Mucosa
B. Goblet
C. Epithelial
D. Oxyntic

The time taken by Sun to revolve around the center of our galaxy is………..?

A. 150 million years
B. 250 million years
C. 300 millon years
D. 350 millon years

Which of the following is a disease caused by deficiency of protein in children?

A. Pellagra
B. Marasmus
C. Beri-Beri
D. Rickets

The average length of the kidney of a man is about?

A. 7cm to 8cm
B. 8cm to 10 cm
C. 10cm to 13 cm
D. 13cm to 16cm

Which of the following gases readily combines with the haemoglobin of the blood?

A. Carbon monoxide
B. Methene
C. Oxygen
D. Nitrogen dioxide

In human osmoregulation takes place by………..?

A. Liver
B. Kidney
C. Spleen
D. Lungs

Like enzymes , co enzyme can be used ?

A. only once
B. only few times
C. again and again
D. non of above

CT Scan stand for……….?

A. Computed Tomography Scan
B. Computer Topography Scan
C. Computed Topography Scan
D. Computer Tomography Scan

What is the average weight of Human Heart?

A. 300 gram
B. 350 gram
C. 400 gram
D. 450 gram

Haemoglobin is dissolved in the blood of:………..?

A. Earthworm
B. Cockroach
C. Hydra
D. Sponges

If you have “caries” then which doctor you have consult?

A. Dermatologist
B. Orthopaedist
C. Dentist
D. Nurologist

Coelom is divided into septa in case of:……….?

A. Molluscs
B. Annelids
C. Sponges
D. Cniderians

For which one of the following is the density maximum?

A. Ice
B. Water
C. Benzene
D. Chloroform

Deficiency of vitamin C will cause:……….?

A. Beri-Beri
B. Architis
C. Scurvy
D. Night-blindness

Which of the following proteins have role in heredity?

A. Chromo-proteins
B. Lipo-proteins
C. Phospho-proteins
D. Nucleo-proteins

Which one of the following is also called Stranger Gas?

A. Neon
B. Argon
C. Xenon
D. Nitrous oxide

Which is NOT an example of a microbial symbiosis?

A. bacteria in the human colon
B. tapeworm in the cow intestine
C. bacteria passing through the placenta
D. protozoans found within termites

Which of the following is the hardest substance?

A. Copper
B. Diamond
C. Iron
D. Silicon

Ultra Microscopic viruses are the main cause of……….?

A. Malaria
B. Measles
C. Mumps
D. Cholera

Pressure is measured by………?

A. barometer
B. Voltmeter
C. Lactometer
D. Ammeter

The cardio respiratory capacity is related to…………?

A. Strength
B. Flexibility
C. Normal physical endurance
D. Agility

The method of reproduction of new plants by cells instead of seed is known is:………..?

A. Tissue culture
B. Mutation
C. Antibiosis
D. Recombination

Which blood cells are called ‘Soldiers’ of the body?

A. White Blood Cells
B. Platelets
C. Red Blood Cells
D. None of the above

Oxygen is the production of…………?

A. Mitochonderia
B. Chloroplast
C. Peroxisomes
D. Both A & B

In Fishes excretory Product is……….?

A. Nitrogen
B. Ammonia
C. Uria
D. Carbon dioxide

The number carpels in our feet is……….?

A. 7
B. 14
C. 16
D. 0

What is the weight of the average human brain?

A. 1.2 to 1.4 Kg
B. 1.4 to 1.8 Kg
C. 2.1 to 2.8 Kg
D. 3.1 to 3.4 Kg

Genetic information carriers is/are…………?

B. Chromosomes
C. Gene
D. Nucleus

Telephone was invented by……….?

A. Vint Cerf
B. Charles Babbage
C. Edison
D. Alexander Graham Bell

The Sun is at an average distance of about…….. million kilometers away from Earth?

A. 100 million
B. 150 million
C. 200 million
D. 250 million

The first cloned animal was…………?

A. Goat
B. Cow
C. Rat
D. Sheep 

UPS is now widely use in households. What does UPS stands for ?

A. Uniform Power Storage
B. Universal Product Support
C. Under Panel Storage
D. Uninterruptible Power Supply

Insects responsible for transmitting diseases are called………..?

A. Drones
B. Vectors
C. Hybirds
D. None of these

Which rays are trapped in our galaxy by magnetic waves?

A. Alpha rays
B. Gamma rays
C. Cosmic rays
D. None of these

Term the time during which an orgnism is present in the body before causing disease ?

A. Rest period
B. Incubation period
C. Sleeping period
D. Inclubation time

According to Einsteins general theory of relativity the universe:…………….?

A. Must be expanding
B. Must be contracting
C. Must be either expanding or contracting
D. Must be neither expanding nor contracting

Virus is……….?

A. unicellular
B. multicellular
C. acellular
D. none of these

There is no connection of supernova explosion with………..?

A. Cosmic rays
B. Pulsars
C. The formation of heavy elements
D. Quasars

……….is a condition in which there is an absence of oxygen supply to an organ’s tissues?

A. Anoxia
B. Anorexia
C. Hypoxia
D. Enuresis

Echo is a ……….. of sound?

A. Reflection
B. Refraction
C. Interference
D. None

Study of interaction of living organisms with other organisms and their environment relates with ……….. ?

A. Botany
B. Ecology
C. Social biology
D. Pharmacology

Which stone floats on water?

A. Pumice stone
B. Lime stone
C. Basalt stone
D. Quartzite stone

Dorsal root of spinal nerves contain only ………. ?

A. Effectors neurons
B. Receptor neurons
C. Stimulators
D. Detector neurons

According to many, including the Guinness Book of World Record,……..is the world’s rarest mineral?

A. Painite
B. Benitoite
C. Jadeite
D. Taaffeite

The higher animals have special organs for exchange of gases as their skin is ……….. ?

A. Thin
B. Thick
C. Soft
D. Hard

Which of the following disease is spread by Fleas?

A. Small pox
B. Tetnus
C. Typhus
D. Yellow fever
Circular disc shaped structure with a round hole is ……….. ?
A. Iris
B. Pupil
C. Horoid coat
D. Ciliary body

A dolphin perceives its environment by the sense of……….?

A. Sight
B. Sound
C. Both of these
D. None of these

The first ever vascular plants are………?

A. Cooksonia 
B. Selaginella
C. Adiantum
D. Dryopteris
The Temperature of the surface of Sun is…….?
A. 5,778 Kelvin
B. 6,778 Kelvin
C. 7,778 Kelvin
D. 9,778 Kelvin
Which one of the following is referred as the species occupation?
A. Autecology
B. Niche
C. Ecosystem
D. Biome
Mass of Earth is………..?
A. 5.972 × 1024 kg.
B. 6.972 × 1024 kg
C. 7.972 × 1024 kg
D. 8.972 × 1024 kg
Membrane that separates ‘cytoplasm’ and ‘nucleus’ is called ……….. ?
A. Cell wall
B. Cell membrane
C. Boundary
D. Nuclear envelop
How many layers of Atmosphere?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Division of nucleus is termed as……….. ?
A. Karyokinesis
B. Cytokinesis
C. Anaphase
D. Meiosis
Density of Water is………?
A. 897 kg/m³
B. 997 kg/m³
C. 1000 kg/m³
D. 1025 kg/m³
Length of membranous urethra is about ……….. ?
A. 1 cm
B. 2 cm
C. 5 cm
D. 9 cm
Density of Milk is……..?
A. 1.024 g/cm3
B. 1.034 g/cm3
C. 1.044 g/cm3
D. 1.054 g/cm3

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