Everyday Science Online MCQs Set 3

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Everyday Science Online MCQs Set 3 MCQs with Answers

Youth For Pakistan has provided an excellent opportunity for the students of the Everyday Science to prepare their any test online. This is a free platform for students to prepare for Everyday Science to get the best accomplishments in their exams. Attempt Everyday Science Online MCQs Set 3 and analyze yourself by attempting this online test system as many times as you want, until you find yourself fully prepared.

Which of the following is cold current ?

A. Gulf Stream
B. Brazil
C. Benguela
D. Kuroshio

Who gave the idea of law of inertia?

A. Dalton
B. Galileo Galilei
C. Bacon
D. Einstein

The term ‘Geography’ was coined first time by a Greek scholar ……… in 234BC?

A. Herodotus
B. Thales of Miletus
C. Eratosthenes
D. Plato

There are …… themes in geography.

A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Seven

The earth surface & crust constantly evolving due to ?

A. Rotary cycle
B. Normal cycle
C. Rock cycle
D. Change cycle

Calcaneus bone in which part of human body?

A. Heel 
B. Hand
C. Arm
D. Skull

Which type of climates of world has dry summer & wet winter ?

A. Western European type
B. Mediterranean type
C. Equatorial type
D. Tundra type

Tarsal bone is in the?

A. Hand
B. Arm
C. Leg
D. Foot 

Sedimentary rocks are formed by natural process known as ?

A. Lithification
B. Rejuvenation
C. Hydration
D. Peroxidation

Which of the following is a positively charged particle emitted by a radioactive element?

A. Beta Rays
B. Alpha Rays
C. Gamma Rays
D. None of these

BRT stand for ?

A. Blue rapid Transport
B. Best road transportation
C. Bus Rapid Transit
D. Best road Transit

Atmospheric pressure decrease rapidly with altitude because the air becomes……. ?

A. Colder
B. Less denser
C. Rich in Ozone
D. Warmer

Skin has ……….. layers?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

The red blood cells originate in the …………?

A. Brain
B. Muscles
C. Ligaments
D. Bone Marrow

The fastest bird is the Peregrine Falcon, clocked at speeds of up to ….. miles per hour?

A. 240
B. 250
C. 260
D. 230

DNA is ………….?

A. Acetic Acid
B. A class of nucleic acids
C. Citric Acid
D. None of these

Who discovered the blood group of man?

A. Edward Jenner
B. Laren
C. Karl Landsteiner
D. William Harvey

Which among the following lens is used to correct Presbyopia?

A. Convex
B. Concave
C. Bifocal
D. Cylindrical

All of the following foods lack vitamin C, except

A. Cheese
B. Milk
C. Rice
D. None of these

Most gases conduct electricity at:

A. Normal pressure
B. Very low pressure
C. Very high pressure
D. None of these

Which chamber of human heart pumps fully oxygenated blood to aorta and hence to the body:

A. Right Auricle
B. Left Auricle
C. Right Ventricle
D. Left Ventricle

Which product is obtained in the manufacture of soap from oils:

A. Sodium chloride
B. Sodium hydroxide
C. Fats
D. Glycerine

In bacteria mesosomes take the place of which one of the following?

A. Ribosome
B. Mitochondria
C. Golgi bodies
D. None of these

When did Amnesty International won the Noble Prize:

A. 1917
B. 1967
C. 1977
D. 1987

The brightest colour emitted by the sun is:

A. Violet
B. Yellow-Green
C. Green- Blue
D. Red

The chemical used as a fixer in photography is……….?

A. Sodium sulphate
B. Borax
C. Sodium thiosulphate
D. Ammonium sulphate

A blood alcohol level above …….. will often result in death:

A. 0.10
B. 0.20
C. 0.30
D. 0.41

Chromosomes first become visible during which phases of mitosis:

A. Prometaphase
B. Telophase
C. Prophase 
D. Metaphase

Refraction of sound can occur in:

A. Water
B. Air
C. Both A & B
D. None of these

The frequency of a turning fork determined by a:

A. Magnetic tape
B. Modulator
C. Sonometer
D. Reed instrument

The group of minerals chemically containing hydrocarbons is…….?

A. Silicate group
B. Organic group
C. Oxide group
D. Hydride group

The subatomic particles arriving from outer space having high energy are called?

A. Protons
B. Electrons
C. Cosmic rays
D. None of the above

A definite area or a space where some thermodynamic process takes place is known as?

A. Thermodynamic system
B. Thermodynamic cycle
C. Thermodynamic process
D. Thermodynamic law

A moving object always possesses?

A. Potential Energy
B. Kinetic Energy
C. Thermal energy
D. Magnetic energy

Study of culture is called?

A. Odology
B. Anthropology
C. Ornithology
D. Psychology

A disease always has a……?

A. Cure
B. Germs
C. Cause
D. Patient

The time in which Earth completes its revolution around the Sun is……..?

A. 365.25 days
B. 340 days
C. 325 days
D. 360 days

An Average Hummingbird’s heart rate per minute is ………..

A. 500 times
B. 1000 times
C. more than 1000 times
D. more than 1200 times

What do we call when the sound of frequency will be below 20 Hz?

A. Audio sounds
B. Infrasonic
C. Ultrasonic
D. Supersonics

All of the following foods contain carbohydrates except.

A. Rice
B. Meat
C. Potato
D. Milk

Symptoms of vitamin b7 deficiency are known to ……………

A. Pellagra
B. Hair Loss
C. Muscle weakness
D. Xerophthalmia

Smallpox was eradicated in 1970s. What was the ‘great pox’ which remains active?

A. Bubonic plague
B. Syphilis
C. Measles
D. None

Which one of the following is not a true snake…….. ?

A. Blink snake
B. Glass snake
C. Sea snake
D. Tree snake

How many noses does an ant have?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. None

Which of the following is called as Blue planet?

A. Mercury
B. Earth
C. Venus
D. Neptune

Deforestation will decrease?

A. Soil erosion
B. Rainfall
C. Landslides
D. Soil fertility

How many bones are present in face?

A. 14
B. 15
C. 20
D. 18

The movement of earth around sun brings ……..?

A. Tornadoes
B. Rainfall
C. Seasons
D. Earthquakes

Safe moisture content for the storage of cereals is?

A. 10%
B. 14%
C. 16%
D. 17%

A point directly below the sesmic focus is?

A. Cleft
B. Epicentre
C. Incentre
D. Orthocentre

Golden rice has the highest quantity of……?

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin K

Study of Liver and its diseases is called?

A. Mycology
B. Angiology
C. Hepatology
D. Otology

The most pure form of carbon among these are?

A. Anthracite
B. Lampblack
C. Graphite
D. None of these

Which metal is extracted from sea water?

A. Potassium
B. Magnesium
C. Aluminum
D. None of these

A man presses more weight on earth at…?

A. Sitting position
B. Standing Position
C. Lying Position
D. None of these

Which of the following is not a donor atom?

A. Phosphorus
B. Antimony
C. Arsenic
D. Aluminum

Saccharine is made up of ……….?

A. Toluene
B. Phenol
C. Propane
D. None of these

The lowest temperature ever recorded on the Earth is?

A. –89.2 °C
B. –86.2 °C
C. –83.2 °C
D. –92.2 °C

Bones Ash contain?

A. calcium sulphate
B. phosphoric sulphate
C. Calcium sulphate
D. None of these

Trachoma is the disease of the…….. ?

A. Brain
B. Spinal cord
C. Larynx
D. Eye

PVC is obtained by the polymerisation of?

A. Propane
B. Vinyl chloride
C. Styrene
D. None of these

Which of the following is the major constituents of LPG?

A. methane
B. ethane
C. hydrogen
D. butane

What is the rank of the earth in the solar system in terms of size?

A. 5th
B. 4th
C. 3rd
D. None of these

Fisher unit is used to measure?

A. Protein content
B. Flour color
C. Damaged starch
D. Flour particle size

Which colour of light is deviated least ………

A. Red
B. Blue
C. Violet
D. Green

Endothermic reactions are those in which ………

A. Heat is evolved
B. Heat is absorbed
C. Temperature increases
D. Light is produced

Which of the following is not a primary colour ………

A. Red
B. Blue
C. Green
D. Yellow

Soil acidity is corrected by?

A. Proper irrigation
B. Adding sodium hydroxide
C. Liming
D. Application of fertilizers

The S. I. unit of refractive index is …….?

A. meter
B. cm
C. watt
D. no unit

Which of the following arguments for trade barriers offers potential benefits to consumers?

A. To soften the fall of declining industries.
B. To protect industries from competition from low wage countries.
C. To protect industries from dumping.
D. To nurture infant industries by protecting them from cheaper imports.

During which process of energy exchange does cold air displace warmer air?

A. Convection 
B.  Radiation
C.  Conduction
D.  None of these

In general, good absorbents of electromagnetic radiation are also good………..?

A. Radiators 
B. Conductors
C. Insulators
D. Semi Conductors

What method of energy transfer requires no medium for transfer?

A. Radiation 
B. Convection
C. Conduction
D. A and B both

During which process does heat transfer occur because of density differences……….?

A. Convection 
B. Radiation
C. Conduction
D. None of these

The process by which air flows from one location in the atmosphere to another is called ……….?

A. Convection 
B. Radiation
C. Conduction
D. Electromagnetic Induction

The number of facial bones in a human body ……..?

A. 15
B. 14
C. 22
D. 26

Heat of sun reaches the earth by ………..?

A. Convection
B. radiation
C. Conduction
D. None of these

Heavy mechanical complex use a large amount of water for………?

A. Cooling
B. Freezing
C. Washing
D. Mixing

What percentage of earth’s water supply is fresh water………..?

A. 3%
B. 5%
C. 21%
D. None of these

Percentage of water in an apple is……….?

A. 84%
B. 90%
C. 66%
D. None of these

Percentage of water in a tomato is……….?

A. 94%
B. 90%
C. 47%
D. None of these

Where would you find a Eustachian Tube?

A. In the Brain
B. In the Lung
C. In the Ear
D. In Stomach

Vitamin E reduces the requirement of ……… .

A. Iron
B. Zinc
C. Selenium
D. Magnesium

Scurvy is caused due to the deficiency of ………..?

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin C
D. None of these

Permissible noise level at Residential area during night time is:

A. 45 dB 
B. 55 dB
C. 75 dB
D. 80 dB

The radiant energy having lowest energy is?

A. gamma rays
B. UV rays
C. visible light
D. Radio waves

Who enunciated the laws of planetary motion?

A. Nicolaus Copernicus
B. Johannes Kepler
C. Isaac Newton
D. Galile

Potassium meta-bisulphite is used as a food preservative for?

A. Squash
B. Tomato Ketchup
C. Fruit Juices
D. Pickles

An edible underground stem is?

A. Ginger
B. Sweet-potato
C. Sugarcane
D. Radish

……… is psychological study of values and moral principles?

A. Axiology
B. Sociology
C. Idiology
D. Criminology

Of the total number of genes inherited by a child:

A. more are from the father
B. more are from the mother
C. there are an equal number from each parent
D. there is never a constant number from the parents

Which of these fruits develop from an inflorescence?

A. Apple
B. Guava
C. Pineapple
D. Grape

The floral part that produces pollen grains is:

A. Sepal
B. Petal
C. Anther
D. Ovary

Which metal is non toxic in nature?

A. Silver
B. Iron
C. Copper
D. Gold

The Structure in a cell which contains the genes is called:

A. Genetics
B. Saliva
C. Marrow
D. Chromosome

In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is ……..?

A. 15 trillion
B. 20 trillion
C. 25 trillion
D. 30 trillion

For seeing objects at the surface of water from a submarine under water, the instrument used is ……..?

A. Periscope
B. Telescope
C. Kaleidoscope
D. Spectroscope

Escape velocity of a rocket fired from the earth towards the moon is a velocity to get rid of the …….?

A. Centripetal force due to the earth’s rotation
B. Earth’s gravitational pull
C. Pressure of the atmosphere
D. Moon’s gravitational pull

Frederick Sanger is a twice recipient of the Nobel Prize for ……..?

A. Physics in 1956 and 1972
B. Chemistry in 1958 and 1980
C. Physics in 1903 and Chemistry in 1911
D. Chemistry in 1954 and Peace in 1962

Friction can be reduced by changing from ………?

A. Rolling to sliding
B. Sliding to rolling
C. Dynamic to static
D. Potential energy to kinetic energy

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