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These free General Knowledge questions with answers to practice consist of Major Straits of the WorldInternational TreatiesMost Important AbbreviationsMajor Islands in the WorldMajor Glaciers in the WorldWorld Famous Mosques and MasjidWorld Famous CanalsWorld Major ReligionsLargest Peninsulas In WorldGreenwich MaritimeWorld Major Historical SitesWorld DemographyWorld GeographyLargest Sea PortsWorld Terrorist OrganizationsInternational Boundary LinesHighest Awards and HonorsParliaments of WorldWorld Famous Crops in the WorldFamous Tunnels in the WorldWorld famous LanguagesTop Company Owner and CEOFamous School & UniversitiesFamous City of the WorldWorld DisastersInternational DaysFamous Rivers of the WorldInternational Sports, Games EventsNobel PrizeInternational SymbolsCountry NicknamesMajor Forests in WorldWorld Famous PersonalitiesWorld Movies and ActorsOrganization of Islamic CooperationWorld Famous Temple & ChurchDisputed Borders of the WorldMountains in the WorldHistory of USAAgenciesWorld Oil ReservesWorld Wars and International ConflictsLargest ProducerTallest TowerIndependence DayMajor Deserts of the WorldInternational OrganizationNational Animals7 ContinentsNews AgencyInternational AirlinesRevolutions in WorldLandlocked CountryNational FlagsFamous DamsFamous Lakes of the WorldMajor Seas and Oceans of the WorldFamous BooksWeaponsUN OrganizationsNational FlowersCapital of World CountriesIntelligence AgenciesFirst in WorldCountry CurrenciesWorld HistoryEarthGeographyWorld Climate and WeatherAtmosphereUniverse.

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Geography MCQs with Answers

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1. The river Godavari is often referred to as Vridha Ganga because is the older river of India
B.of its large size and extent among the peninsular rivers
C.there are a fairly large number of pilgrimage centres situated on its banks
D.its length is nearly the same as that of the river Ganges
Answer: B.of its large size and extent among the peninsular rivers

2. The scarcity or crop failure of which of the following can cause a serious edible oil crisis in India?
Answer: B.Groundnut

3. The pennines (Europe), Appalachians (America) and the Aravallis (India) are examples of
A.old mountains
B.young mountains
C.fold mountains
D.block mountains
Answer: A.old mountains

4. Which of the following factors are responsible for present crisis in the jute industry in India?
I. The decline in overseas market
II. Inadequately supply of raw jute
III.Stiff competition from synthetic packing materials
IV. Select the correct answer from the codes given below
A.I and II
B.I, II and III
C.I and III
D.II and III
Answer: A.I and II

5. Which of the following factors are responsible for India’s failure to fully exploit the inland fisheries during the last five decades?
I. Silting and pollution of the inland water bodies
II. Deforestation in the catchment areas of the rivers
III. Lack of marketing facilities
IV. Select the correct answer from the codes given below
A.I, II and III
B.I and II
C.I and III
D.II and III
Answer: C.I and III

6. The number of major ports in India is
Answer: C.13

7. Which of the following is a peninsular river of India?
Answer: C.Krishna

8. Which of the following is the most important raw material for generation of power in India?
B.Mineral Oil
C.Natural Gas
Answer: A.Coal

9. When it is noon IST at Allahabad in India, the time at Greenwich, London, will be
A.midnight ,GMT
B.1730 hours
C.0630 hours
D.None of the above
Answer: C.0630 hours

10. Which country has the largest coast line?
Answer: C.Canada

11. Which of the following types of soil are mostly confined to river basins and coastal plains of India?
A.Alluvial soils
B.Black soils
C.Laterite soils
D.Red soils
Answer: A.Alluvial soils

12. The two states of India, most richly endowed with iron ore, are
A.Bihar and Orissa
B.Madhya Pradesh and Orissa
C.Bihar and West Bengal
D.Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal
Answer: A.Bihar and Orissa

13. The most fertile region of India is
A.the Himalayas
B.the central Highlands
C.the Indo-Gangetic plain
D.peninsular plateau
Answer: C.the Indo-Gangetic plain

14. Which of the following groups accounts for over 90 per cent of India’s annual coal production?
A.Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal
B.Bihar, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh
C.Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
D.West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
Answer: A.Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal

15. The significant shifts in Indian agriculture during green revolution include
A.non-food grains reported some spectacular progress and shift in the cropping pattern
B.major food grains, in the eastern regions productions decreased and in the northern states increased
C.both (a) and (b)
D.None of the above
Answer: C.both (a) and (b)

16. Which of the following crops is regarded as a plantation crop?
Answer: A.Coconut

17. Which of the following countries leads in the production of aluminium and its products in the world?
Answer: D.USA

18. The natural region which holds the Indian subcontinent is
A.equatorial climate change region deset
Answer: C.monsoon

19. The most ideal region for the cultivation of cotton in India is
A.the Brahmaputra valley
B.the Indo-Gangetic valley
C.the Deccan plateau
D.the Rann of Kutch
Answer: C.the Deccan plateau

20. Which of the following are true with respect to the Indian Peninsular Plateau?
I.The southern plateau block is formed mainly of granite and gneiss
II. The Deccan lava plateau is an elevated tableland consisting of horizontally arranged lava sheets
III. The Malwa plateau dominates the Vindhyam scraps, forming the northern flank of the plateau
IV. The trough of the Narmada and Tapti are interposed between the Vindhyan and the Satpura ranges
A.I, II and III
B.I and II
C.I, II, III and IV
D.I, III and IV
Answer: C.I, II, III and IV

21. The percentage of India’s total population employed in agriculture is nearly
Answer: D.70%

22. Which of the following important rivers of India does not originate from the Western Ghats?
Answer: D.Mahanadi

23. Which of the following areas or regions is most prone to earthquakes?
A.Ganga-Brahmaputra valley
B.Deccan plateau
C.Plains of northern India
D.Western ghats
Answer: A. Ganga-Brahmaputra valley

24. The proportion of forest to the total national geographical area of India as envisaged by National Forest Policy is
Answer: B. 33.3%

25. Which of the following dams has generations of power more than irrigation as its main purpose?
A.Gandhi Sagar
Answer: A.Gandhi Sagar
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Which of the following groups of rivers have their source of origin in Tibet?
A.Brahmaputra, Ganges and Sutlej
B.Ganges, Sutlej and Yamuna
C.Brahmaputra, Indus and Sutlej
D.Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej
Answer: C.Brahmaputra, Indus and Sutlej

Which of the following measures are effective for soil conservation in India?
I. Avoiding crop rotation
II. Afforestation
III. Encouraging the use of chemical fertilizers
IV.Limiting shifting cultivation
A.I and II
B.II and IV
C.III and IV
D.I, II and III
Answer: B.II and IV

Which of the following crops needs maximum water per hectare?
Answer: C.Sugarcane

The watershed between India and Myanmar is formed by
A.the Naga hills
B.the Garo hills
C.Khasi hills
D.the Jaintia hills
Answer: A.the Naga hills

The originating in the Himalayan mountain complex consists of how many distinct drainage systems of the Indian Subcontinent?
Answer: B.Three

The outer Himalayas lie between
A.the lease Himalayas and the Indo Gangetic plain
B.the foot hills and the Indo Gangetic plain
C.the greater Himalayas and the lesser Himalayas
D.Indo-Gangetic plains and the peninsula
Answer: A. the lease Himalayas and the Indo Gangetic plain

Which of the following geographical features have played a great unifying role in strengthening the forces of homogeneity of the Indian people?
I. The expanses of water surrounding the peninsula
II. The Himalayan Mountains
III. The vastness of the country
IV. The presence of the Indian ocean
C.I and II
D.I, II, III and IV
Answer: D.I, II, III and IV

Which of the following drainage systems fall into Bay of Bengal?
A.Ganga, Brahmaputra and Godavari
B.Mahanadi, Krishna and Cauvery
C.Luni, Narnada and Tapti
D.Both (a) and (b)
Answer: D.Both (a) and (b)

The oldest oil refinery in India is at
A.Digboi, Assam
B.Haldia, near Kolkata
C.Koyali, near Baroda
D.Noonmati, Assam
Answer: A.Digboi, Assam

The oldest mountains in India are
D.Nilgiri hills
Answer: A.Aravalis

The Shimla Convention is an agreement that sets
A.Shimla as a tourist spot
B.Shimla as the capital of Himachal Pradesh
C.boundary between India and Tibet
D.None of the above
Answer: C.boundary between India and Tibet

Which of the following events took place in the Cenozoic era?
A.Formation of the rockies, India collides with Asia and the formation of the Himalayas and the Alps
B.Formation of the Appalachians and central European mountains
C.Splitting of India from Antarctic
D.Breaking up of Pangaea
Answer: A.Formation of the rockies, India collides with Asia and the formation of the Himalayas and the Alps

The oldest oil field in India is the ____ field, in ____
A.Anleshwar, Gujarat
B.Bombay High, Maharashtra
C.Nawagam, Gujarat
D.Digboi, Assam
Answer: D.Digboi, Assam

Unlike other parts of the Indian Coast, fishing industry has not developed along the Saurashtra coast because
A.there are few indentions suitable for fishing
B.of overwhelming dependence on agriculture and animal husbandary
C.the sea water is relatively more saline
D.of industrial development leading to widespread pollution of coastal area
Answer: B.of overwhelming dependence on agriculture and animal husbandary

The mountain building in Himalayas began
A.about 45 million years ago
B.when the continental plates of India and Eurasia converged on each other
C.both (a) and (b)
D.None of the above
Answer: C.both (a) and (b)

Which of the following groups of rivers originate from the Himachal mountains?
A.Beas, Ravi and Chenab
B.Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum
C.Sutlej, Beas and Ravi
D.Sutlej, Ravi and Jhelum
Answer: A.Beas, Ravi and Chenab

Which of the following groups of states has the largest deposits of iron ore?
A.Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
B.Bihar and Orissa
C.Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
D.West Bengal and Assam
Answer: B.Bihar and Orissa

Which of the following union territories of India has the highest density of population per sq km?
Answer: C.Delhi

which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously?
C.Rawat Bhata
Answer: A.Kalpakkam

The south-west monsoon contributes ____ of the total rain in India.
Answer: A.86%

The most plausible explanation for the location of the Thar desert in western India is
A.the obstruction caused by the Aravalis to the rain-bearing wind that proceeds to the Ganga Valley
B.the evaporation of moisture by heat
C.the absence of mountains to the north of Rajasthan to cause orographic rainfall in it
D.that the moisture carried by the South-west monsoon is driven away by the dry upper air current
Answer: C.the absence of mountains to the north of Rajasthan to cause orographic rainfall in it

The northern boundary of the peninsular plateau of Indian runs parallel to the Ganga and the Yamuna from Rajmahal hills to a point near
Answer: B.Delhi

Which of the following food grain crops occupies the largest part of the cropped area in India?
A.Barley and maize
B.Jowar and bajra
Answer: C.Rice.

The number of major languages, recognized in the Indian Union as official language, are
Answer: B.22

The oldest rocks in India are reported from
A.Dharwar region, Karnataka
B.Aravalli range, Rajasthan
C.Vindhyan range, Madhya Pradesh
D.Siwalik range, Punjab
Answer: A.Dharwar region, Karnataka
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1. The year ____ is called a Great Divide in the demographic history of India.
Answer: B.1921

2. The only private sector refinery set up by Reliance Petroleum Ltd. is located at
Answer: B.Jamnagar

3. The only state in India that produces saffron is
B.Himachal Pradesh
C.Jammu and Kashmir
Answer: C.Jammu and Kashmir

4. Three important rivers of the Indian subcontinent have their sources near the Mansarover Lake in the Great Himalayas. These rivers are
A.Indus, Jhelum and Sutlej
B.Brahmaputra, Sutlej and Yamuna
C.Brahmaputra, Indus and Sutlej
D.Jhelum, Sutlej and Yamuna
Answer: C.Brahmaputra, Indus and Sutlej

5. The zonal soil type of peninsular India belongs to soils
B.yellow soils soils
D.older alluvium
Answer: soils

6. What is the predominant type of Indian agriculture?
A.Commercial agriculture
B.Extensive agriculture
C.plantation agriculture
D.subsistence agriculture
Answer: D.subsistence agriculture

7. The Radcliffe line is a boundary between
A.India and Pakistan
B.India and China
C.India and Myanmar
D.India and Afghanistan
Answer: A.India and Pakistan

8. Which of the following has a potential for harnessing of tidal energy in India?
A.Gulf of Cambay
B.Gulf of Mannar
C.Backwaters of Kerala
D.Chilka lake
Answer: A.Gulf of Cambay

9. The typical area of sal forest in the Indian peninsular upland occurs
A.on the western ghats
B.between the Tapti and the Narmada the north-east of the Godavari
D.on the Malwa plateau
Answer: D.on the Malwa plateau

10. The state having a largest area of forest cover in India is
A.Arunachal Pradesh
C.Madhya Pradesh
Answer: C.Madhya Pradesh

11. The percentage of earth surface covered by India is

Answer: A.2.4

12. Which among the following is/are the major factor/factors responsible for the monsoon type of climate in India?
I. Location
II. Thermal contrast
III. Upper air circulation
IV. Inter-tropical convergence zone
C.II, III and IV
D.I, II, III and IV
Answer: D.I, II, III and IV

13. The present forest area of India, according to satellite data, is
D.decreasing in open forest area but increasing in closed forest area
Answer: B.decreasing

14. The India’s highest annual rainfall is reported at
A.Namchi, Sikkim
B.Churu, Rajasthan
C.Mawsynram, Meghalaya
D.Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
Answer: C.Mawsynram, Meghalaya

15. The refineries are Mathura, Digboi and Panipat are set up by
A.Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
.B.Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
C.Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
D.Crude Distillation unit of Madras Refineries Ltd.
Answer: A.Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

16. The principal copper deposits of India lie in which of the following places?
A.Hazaribag and Singbhum of Bihar
B.Khetri and Daribo areas of Rajasthan
C.Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh
D.Siwaliks in Uttar Pradesh and in Karnataka
Answer: A.Hazaribag and Singbhum of Bihar

17. Which of the following are true regarding Jhum cultivation in India?
I. It is largely practiced in Assam
II. It is referred to as ‘slash and burn’ technique
III. In it, the fertility is exhausted in a few years
A.I, II and III
B.II and III
C.I and II
D.I and III
Answer: A.I, II and III

18. The Yarlung Zangbo river, in India, is known as
Answer: C.Brahmaputra

19. The Salal Project is on the river
Answer: A.Chenab

20. The only zone in the country that produces gold is also rich in iron is
A.North-eastern zone
B.North-western zone
C.Southern zone
D.None of the above
Answer: C.Southern zone

21. The Paithan (Jayakwadi) Hydro-electric project, completed with the help of Japan, is on the river
Answer: D.Godavari

22. The percentage of irrigated land in India is about
Answer: C.35

23. The southernmost point of peninsular India, that is, Kanyakumari, is
A.north of Tropic of Cancer
B.south of the Equator
C.south of the Capricorn
D.north of the Equator
Answer: D.north of the Equator

24. The pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri Hills in south India is called
A.the Palghat gap
B.the Bhorghat pass
C.the Thalgat pass
D.the Bolan pass
Answer: A.the Palghat gap

25. Which of the following factors are responsible for the rapid growth of sugar production in south India as compared to north India?
I. Higher per acre field of sugarcane
II. Higher sucrose content of sugarcane
III. Lower labour cost
IV. Longer crushing period
A.I and II
B.I, II and III
C.I, III and IV
D.I, II and IV
Answer: D.I, II and IV

The city of Nasik is situated on the banks of which river in India?
A. Krishna
B. Godavari
C. Koshi
Answer: B. Godavari

The Gulf of Mannar is situated along the coast which state in India?
A. Karnatka
B. Kerala
C.Tamil Nadu
D. Telangana
Answer: C.Tamil Nadu

In which one of the following states is the Nanga Parbat peak located?
A. Sikkim
B. Himachal Pradesh
C.Jammu and Kashmir
Answer: C.Jammu and Kashmir

Which of the following rivers have almost the same point of emerging?
A. Brahmaputra and Ganga
B. Tapi and Beas
C. Brahmaputra and Indus
Answer: C. Brahmaputra and Indus

In the Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh states, the joint “Rajghat River Valley Project” is launched on—
A. Ken River
B. Chambal River
C. Betwa River
Answer: C. Betwa River

How many National waterways are there in India?
A. 3
B. 5
C. 9
Answer: C. 9
The length of the Indian coast line is—
A. 5000 km
B. 5500 km
C. 7516·6 km
Answer: C. 7516·6 km

The main streams of river Ganga which flows beyond Farakka is known as?
A. Bhagirathi
B. Padma
C. Hooghly
Answer: B. Padma

Guwahati is situated on the banks of the river?
A. Brahmaputra
B. Ganga
C. Yammuna
Answer: A. Brahmaputra

In which one of the following states of India is the Pamayangtse Monastery situated?
A. Nagaland
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Sikkim
Answer: C. Sikkim

Where is Thattekad Bird Sanctuary located?
A. Kerala
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Karnataka
Answer: A. Kerala

Which one of the following Indian rivers forms an estuary?
A. Godavari
B. Kaveri
C. Tapi
Answer: C. Tapi

Indravati is a tributary of which river?
A. Ganga
B. Godavari
C. Krishna
Answer: B. Godavari

Between which ranges does the Kashmir valley in the Himalayas lie?
A. Siwalik and Pir Panjal
B. Pirpanjal and Dhauladhar
C. Zanskar and Pir Panjal
Answer: C. Zanskar and Pir Panjal

Which one of the following areas of India does not come under the zone of high seismic intensity?
A. Uttarakhand
B. Karnataka Plateau
C. Kachchh
Answer: B. Karnataka Plateau

How many islands are there in the group of Lakshadweep?
A. 36
B. 30
C. 35
Answer: A. 36

In which state do the Mansoon arrives first?
A. Assam
B. Maharashtra
C. Kerala
Answer: C. Kerala

Which of the following Indian island lies between India and Sri Lanka?
A. Elephanta
B. Nicobar
C. Rameshwaram
Answer: C. Rameshwaram

Where are the coal reserves of India largely concentrated?
A. Mahanadi valley
B. Damodar valley
C. Godavari valley
Answer: B. Damodar valley

In India, which of the following are the Southernmost hills?
A. Anaimalai hills
B. Cardamom hills
C. Nilgiri hills
Answer: B. Cardamom hills

With reference to the climate of India, the western disturbances originate over which one of the following?
A. Arabian Sea
B. Baltic Sea
C. Caspian Sea
Answer: A. Arabian Sea

Which one of the following rivers originates near Mahabaleshwar ?
A. Godavari
B. Krishna
C. Kaveri
Answer: B. Krishna

What country borders the most other countries – 14 in all?
A. China
B. Brazil
C. Austria
Answer: A. China

Which of these countries does NOT border France?
A. Italy
B. Switzerland
C. The Netherlands
Answer: C. The Netherlands

All of these European countries are landlocked EXCEPT…
A. Austria
B. Hungary
C. Romania
Answer: C. Romania

Which of these countries does NOT border India?
A. Iran
B. Pakistan
C. Nepal
Answer: A. Iran

Egypt shares a border with…
A. Libya
B. Saudi Arabia
Answer: A. Libya

Which of these countries does NOT border Israel ?
A. Egypt
B. Iran
C. Syria
Answer: B. Iran

Which country is at the southern end of Central America, at the border of South America?
A. Costa Rica
B. Panama
C. Nicaragua
Answer: B. Panama

The countries bordering Iraq include Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Syria.
Answer: A.True

Which of these countries does NOT border Brazil?
A. Bolivia
B. Uruguay
C. Chile
Answer: C. Chile

Norway, Sweden and Finland are on the Baltic Sea.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B. False

What’s the only country named after its current rulers?
A. Saudi Arabia
B. Cambodia
C. Dominican Republic
Answer: A. Saudi Arabia

Nepal is the only country in the world whose flag…
A. does not contain a primary color
B. is not four-sided
C. has only one solid color
Answer: B. is not four-sided

Minnesota, known as “The Land of 10,000 Lakes,” actually has fewer than 1,000 lakes.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B. False

Which city is NOT one of South Africa’s three capital cities?
A. Pretoria
B. Cape Town
C. Johannesburg
Answer: C. Johannesburg

What’s the only continent in all four hemispheres -– north, east, south and west?
A. South America
B. North America
C. Africa
Answer: C. Africa

What’s the lowest point in North America?
A. The Grand Canyon (Arizona)
B. Death Valley (California)
C. Niagara Gorge (US-Canada Border)
Answer: B. Death Valley (California)

What do the tiny countries of Lesotho, San Marino and Vatican City have in common?
A. They don’t allow cars
B. They each have fewer than 5,000 citizens
C. They’re completely contained inside another country
Answer: C. They’re completely contained inside another country

Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein are the only two countries on earth that…
A. are “doubly-landlocked” – you have to cross two other countries to reach ocean
B. have “negative altitude” – the average elevation is below sea level
C. practice “full libertarianism” – there is no police force
Answer: A. are “doubly-landlocked” – you have to cross two other countries to reach ocean

One U.S. state alone contains more than half the nation’s coastline. Which is it?
A. Florida
B. Alaska
C. California
Answer: B. Alaska

Approximately what fraction of the world’s population lives in India?
A. 1/3
B. 1/6
C. 1/10
D. 1/50
Answer: B. 1/6

What is the meaning of the name Himalaya in Sanskrit?
A. Abode of snow
B. The high one
C. Rocky mountains
D. Peak of heaven
Answer: A. Abode of snow

Which Indian city is home to the Taj Mahal?
A. Mumbai
B. Chennai
C. Agra
D. Delhi
Answer: C. Agra

What is the name of the tallest mountain in India?
A. Kanchenjunga
B. Everest
C. Elbrus
D. Damāvand
Answer: A. Kanchenjunga

Which of the following cities has the largest population?
A. Chennai
B. Kolkata
C. Hyderabad
D. Mumbai
Answer: D. Mumbai

Roughly what percent of Indians work in agriculture?
A. 50%
B. 33%
C. 80%
D. 10%
Answer: A. 50%

Which mountains form the eastern and western edges of the Deccan plateau?
A. Eastern and Western Ghats
B. Himalayas
C. Urals
D. Hindu Kush
Answer: A. Eastern and Western Ghats

What is the name of the boundary that separated India from Pakistan, set in 1947?
A. Radcliffe Line
B. Plimsoll Line
C. Green Line
D Durand Line
Answer: A. Radcliffe Line

Which of the following is NOT found in India?
A. glacier
B. iceberg
C. desert
D. lagoon
Answer: B. iceberg

How many oceans touch the Indian mainland?
A. none
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Answer: B. 1

What is the population of India?
A. 500 thousand
B. 500 million
C. 930 thousand
D. 930 million
Answer: D. 930 million

This is the capital of India.
A. New Delhi
B. Bombay
C. Belfast
D. none of the above
Answer: A. New Delhi

India has the _________ largest population on Earth.
A. second
B. third
C. fourth
D. fifth
Answer: A. second

Which mountains separate India from Asia and China?
A. Andes Mountains
B. Mt.McKinley
C. Himalayan Mountains
Answer: C. Himalayan Mountains

India and Sri lanka are separated by the ___ strait.
A.Laccadive Sea
B.Amchitka Pass
C.Palk Strait
D.Colvos Passage
Answer: C.Palk Strait

In which year was the McMahon Line put in effect?
Answer: B.1914

Which city of India is known as the ‘Manchester of the East’?
Answer: C.Ahmedabad

Which city is known as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’?
Answer: B.Kochi

In which state is Coorg city located?
B.Tamil Nadu
D.Andhra Pradesh
Answer: C.Karnataka

Mumbai city was built combining how many islands?
Answer: A.7

Which city is known as ‘Blue City’?
Answer: B.Jodhpur

Pemba’ and ‘Zanzibar’ Islands of Africa are famous for the cultivation and export of:
A. Cloves
B. Sugarcane
C. Tobacco
D. Coffee
Answer: A. Cloves

The “Registan Desert” is a part of which among the following countries?
A. Pakistan
B. Afghanistan
C. Tajikistan
D. Turkmenistan
Answer: B. Afghanistan

Which among the following is the driest desert in Earth?
A. Kalahari
B. Atacama
C. Mojave Desert
D. Tabernas Desert
Answer: B. Atacama

Which among the following is the single largest irrigated area in the world?
A. Indus Valley
B. Brahamputra Valley
C. Ganga Basin
D. Mahanadi Basin
Answer: A. Indus Valley

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in which country?
A. Ghana
B. Kenya
C. Tanzania
D. Namibia
Answer: C. Tanzania

Which among the following countries has the largest reserves of Natural Gas in the world?
A. Australia
B. United States
C. Russia
D. China
Answer: C. Russia

Which among the following country is the world’s largest tea exporter?
A. Sri Lanka
B. Kenya
C. India
D. China
Answer: B. Kenya

Which among the following is the highest milk producing goat in India?
A. Barbari
B. Jamnapari
C. Block Bengal
D. Beetal
Answer: B. Jamnapari

What is the capital of Ecuador?
A. Bogotá
B. Asunción
C. Lima
D. Quinto
Answer: D. Quinto

Death Valley is located in which desert?
A. Mojave Desert
B. Colorado Desert
C Amargosa Desert
D. Taklamakan Desert
Answer: A. Mojave Desert

Which of the following country is known as Pearl of the Caribbean Sea?
A. Cuba
B. Anguilla
C. Bahamas
D. Jamaica
Answer: A. Cuba

While going towards the centre of the earth, the weight of a body shall?
A. Increase
B. Decrease
C. Remain Constant
D. Become infinite
Answer: B. Decrease

Which of the following is also known as Van Diemen’s Land?
A. Tasmania
B. Greenland
C. Arizona
D. Peru
Answer: A. Tasmania

Which among the following is the largest tropical lake in the world?
A. Lake Victoria
B. Lake Malawi
C. Lake Kivu
D. Lake Turkana
Answer: A. Lake Victoria

World’s longest seawall is located in:
A. China
B. South Korea
C. North Korea
D. Japan
Answer: B. South Korea

Which among the following tunnel connects France and Italy?
A. Mont Blanc Tunnel
B. St. Gothard Tunnel
C. Queens way Tunnel
D. Orange Fish Rivers Tunnel
Answer: A. Mont Blanc Tunnel

KKS Harbour is located in:
A. Jafna
B. Seoul
C. Kolkata
D. Chennai
Answer: A. Jafna

Which of the following country is the largest producer of Uranium?
A. Australia
B. Canada
C. Russia
D. France
Answer: B. Canada

Which among the following is the correct distance from the coast is known as Territorial waters?
A. 20 Nautical Miles
B. 30 Nautical Miles
C. 12 Nautical Miles
D. 15 Nautical Miles
Answer: C. 12 Nautical Miles

“Qomolangm” refers to which among the following peaks?
A. Mount Kailash
B. Mount Everest
C. K2
D. Kangchenjunga
Answer: B. Mount Everest

“Carnauba wax” is produced in which country?
A. Brazil
B. Egypt
C. Japan
D. South Korea
Answer: A. Brazil

The ONLY active volcano of South Asia is located in which of the following countries?
A. India
B. Sri Lanka
C. Maldives
D. Mauritius
Answer: A. India

Asthenosphere is located at?
A. Above stratosphere
B. Below Ionsphere
C. Below Lithosphere
D. Above Lithosphere
Answer: C. Below Lithosphere

Which among the following is the correct location of the Chukchi Sea?
A. Western Pacific Ocean
B. North Atlantic Ocean
C. Southern Pacific Ocean
D. Arctic Ocean
Answer: D. Arctic Ocean

Makran is located in which among the following?
A. Arabian Sea
B. Indian Ocean near the southern coast of Sri Lanka
C. Bay of Bengal
D. Mediterranean Sea
Answer: A. Arabian Sea

Which among the following is the correct set of three largest river basins (by area), from largest to smallest?
A. Amazon, Congo, Ganga
B. Amazon, Congo, Mississippi
C. Amazon, Mississippi, Congo
D. Amazon, Mississippi, Ganga
Answer: B. Amazon, Congo, Mississippi

The pointer or arrow of the magnetized needle of a compass indicates which among the following?
A. Geographic North Pole
B. Magnetic North Pole
C. Geomagnetic North Pole
D. Magnetic South Pole
Answer: D. Magnetic South Pole

Which of the following is the narrowest strait of the world?
A. Strait of Tartar
B. Bab-el-Mandeb
C. Strait of Dardenelles
D. Foveaux Strait
Answer: A. Strait of Tartar

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