Hajj MCQs with Answers

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Hajj Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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Which one is called Mashar -ul- Haram?

  1. Muzdalifah valley
  2. Arafat
  3. Makkah
  4. Mina valley

On which date throwing of stones is performed on Jumeraat?

  1. 12th Zulhajj
  2. 11th Zulhajj
  3. 10th Zulhajj
  4. 9th Zulhajj
  5. 8th Zulhajj

Bait-e- Rizwan took place in ___Hijrah?

  1. 5th
  2. 6th
  3. 3 AH
  4. 4 AH

What was the original color of Hajr-e-Aswad?

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Grey
  4. Purple

Qurbani during hajj is performed at?

  1. Safa
  2. Muzaldaffa
  3. Arafat
  4. Mina

Prophet Muhammed (PBHU) performed a total of ____ Umrahs?

  1. Two
  2. One
  3. Four
  4. None of these

In Hajj, traveling seven times between Mount Safa and Mount Marwah, is called _____?

  1. Ramee
  2. Sayee
  3. Istilam
  4. Tawaf
  5. None of these

بنیادی ارکان اسلام کی تعداد کتنی ہے؟

  1. دو
  2. ایک
  3. پانچ
  4. چار

حج اور عمرہ کے دوران حجر اسود کے چومنے کو کیا کہتے ہیں؟

  1. رمی
  2. سعی
  3. استلام
  4. تمام

The Khutba of Hajj (Hajj sermon) is delivered in which mosque?

  1. Masid-e-Nimra
  2. Masjid Haram
  3. Masjid Khaif
  4. Masjid Cuba
  5. None of these

There are _____ types of Hajj?

  1. Four
  2. Three
  3. Two
  4. Five
  5. None of these

_____ is the Surah in the Holy Quran in which Hajj is commanded.

  1. Surah e Fateha
  2. Surah Al-Hajj
  3. Surah-Al-Baqrah
  4. Surah Al-imran

Hajj was made compulsory in which Hijrah______?

  1. 7th Hijrah
  2. 8th Hijrah
  3. 9th Hijrah
  4. None of the above

Name the place which is called the Sacred Monument in the Holy Quran____?

  1. Arafat
  2. Muzdalfa
  3. Mina
  4. Hateem
  5. Khana kaba

Muzdalfa is situated ___?

  1. Between Kaaba and Mina
  2. Betwee Mina and Arafat
  3. Between Safa and marwa
  4. None

ہر صاحب استطاعت مسلمان مرد اور عورت پر زندگی میں ایک بار ــــــــــــــــــــــــ فرض ہے۔

  1. عمرہ
  2. حج بیت اللہ
  3. مسجد نبوی میں نماز ادا کرنا
  4. زکوات دینا
  5. نماز جمعہ ادا کرنا

How many Miqat of Hajj for outsider Hujjaj?

  1. 6
  2. 7
  3. 5
  4. None

Kissing of Hajre E Aswad is known as ?

  1. Istelam
  2. Tawaf
  3. Saee
  4. None

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