Law Admission Test Past Papers

Students can easily understand the LAT test question and pattern through the Law Admission Test Past Papers available on this page. Law studies require that students have passed their mandatory LAT admission test, administered and handled by the HEC Pakistan. 

By having a more proper understanding, knowledge of questions, syllabus, and kind of questions provided by LAT past papers the candidates will have a better chance of getting higher marks than their peers. They will undoubtedly be successful in getting admission to Pakistan’s top law colleges and universities.

LAT Past Papers Importance
The importance of LAT past papers cannot be ignored as it greatly helps ease the burden of facing LAT test papers, which might confuse and prove difficult to attempt without having any idea of what Law students might have to face in the upcoming HEC LAT test.

Students need to know the requirements of successfully passing the LAT test by studying and solving LAT past papers available to them very soon through the provided links on this page. Law students must keep themselves informed about all the latest news and updates concerning LAT by regularly visiting this page.

LAT Test Jan 2022
LAT Test Mar 2021
LAT Test Aug 2021
LAT Test Oct 2021
LAT Test Nov 2021
LAT Test Sep 2020 Morning
LAT Test Sep 2020 Evening
LAT Test March 2019 Morning
LAT Test March 2019 Evening
LAT Test SEP 2019
LAT Test July 2019


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