Nobel Prize MCQs with Answers

Here is the list of Nobel Prize MCQs under General Knowledge MCQs with answers for the Preparation of Competitive Exams in FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, ISSB, LAT, etc. These General Knowledge MCQs will help you to secure maximum marks in upcoming academic as well as competitive exams in Pakistan

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Nobel Prize MCQs with Answers

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who is the oldest person so far to have been awarded Nobel Prize and what was his age that time?

  1. Raymond Davis Jr.88 years
  2. Prof Frederic Sanger 90 years
  3. Sir John Bardeen 89 years
  4. Prof William Lawrence Bragg 88 years


Which Pakistani has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in April 2022______?

  1. Malala Yousafzai
  2. Arooj Aftab
  3. Imran Khan
  4. Amjad Saqib
  5. None of these


Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace prize winner died recently. He belonged to the country:

  1. Nepal
  2. Bhutan
  3. South Africa
  4. Venezuela
  5. Canada


Which American president was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2021?

  1. Barak Obama
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Ronald Reagon
  4. None of the above


Which of the following was/were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2021?

  1. Maria Ressa Philippines
  2. Dmitry Muratov Russian
  3. World Food Programme
  4. A & B both


The youngest Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai won Nobel Peace Prize for the year?

  1. 2013
  2. 2014
  3. 2015
  4. 2016


Who discovered that “Malaria” is transmitted by mosquito?

  1. Edward Jenner
  2. Alexander Fleming
  3. Louis Pasteur
  4. Ronald Ross


The Nobel Prize for Peace is given in the city of

  1. Stockholm
  2. Oslo
  3. Brussels
  4. Copenhagen


In which year the Nobel Prize was instituted?

  1. 1901
  2. 1900
  3. 1896
  4. 1876


How many Muslims won noble prize in literature in 2021?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

The Nobel Prize in Economics 2015 was won by

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Angus Deaton
  3. Jean Tirole
  4. Patrick Modiano
  5. Arthur McDonald


Country awards the Nobel Prize?

  1. England
  2. Ireland
  3. America
  4. Sweden


The committee of the Norwegian Parliament awards the prize for

  1. literature
  2. economics
  3. peace
  4. None


The first Noble Prize was awarded in the year__________.

  1. 1900
  2. 1901
  3. 1902
  4. 1903
  5. 1904


The first Nobel Prize was awarded in :

  1. 1895
  2. 1901
  3. 2000
  4. 1960


The former US vice president Al gore has won Nobel Peace Prize 2007 for his campaign against

  1. Global warming
  2. Child labor
  3. Both
  4. None


Dr. Abdus Salam Received the Nobel Prize in ——– subject

  1. Chemistry
  2. Physics
  3. Peace
  4. Biology


Which country has maximum noble prizes after its institution ?

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. USA
  4. UK


Dr. Abdul Salam won the Nobel Prize for the subject of:

  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics
  4. Physics
  5. All of these


Alfred Nobel invented dynamite and which other explosive in 1875?

  1. Cordite
  2. Trinitrotoluene(TNT)
  3. Gelignite
  4. Nitro-glycerine

Name the South African Activist who was awarded Nobel Prize for peace in 1993

  1. Oliver Tomb
  2. Nelson Mandela
  3. Collin Obuya
  4. None


Which of the following discipline is the Nobel Prize awarded?

  1. Physics and Chemistry
  2. Psychology or medicine
  3. Lecture peace and economics
  4. All of the above


Which of the following women scientist twice won the Nobel Prize:

  1. Rosalind Yallow
  2. Dorothy Hodgkis
  3. Marie Curie
  4. Barbara Maclintock


Who got 2019 Nobel peace prize?

  1. Lima mega
  2. Abay Ahmad Ali
  3. Both
  4. None


Who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology/ Medicine of 2021?

  1. Napoleone Ferrara
  2. Arthur L. Horwich
  3. David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian
  4. Sir Martin Evans and John Sulston


Barack Obama was President of USA ?

  1. 44 th
  2. 40 th
  3. 34th
  4. 24th


What did Barack Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize for?

  1. 2009
  2. 2008
  3. 2006
  4. 2010


Who won Nobel Prize in Physics in 2019?

  1. James Peebles
  2. Michel Mayor
  3. Didier Queloz
  4. All the above


Maria Ressa and Dmitry Murator have been awarded the Nobel Prize 2021 in_____?

  1. Literature
  2. Economics
  3. Physics
  4. Peace


Tanzanian author Abdul Razak Gurnah wins the Nobel Prize for work on the effect of colonialism and refugees in _____?

  1. Literature
  2. Economics
  3. Physics
  4. Peace


Max plank bagged Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of _____________

  1. Strethoscope
  2. Energy Quanta
  3. Telescope
  4. All


The first Muslim woman to receive Nobel Prize in 2003 is__________?

  1. Malala Yousafzai
  2. Shirin Ebadi
  3. Habiba Sarabi
  4. Ilmas Durkhain


A Russian novelist was forced to refuse Nobel Prize in 1958 by the Soviet Authorities who is he?

  1. Joseph Brodsky
  2. Alexander
  3. Boris Pasternak
  4. None


The first Muslim Nobel Prize laureate was?

  1. King Faisal
  2. Anwar Sadaat
  3. Moamor Gaddafi
  4. None


The Nobel Prize in Literature 2019 was awarded to___________?

  1. Peter Handke
  2. Olga Tokarczuk
  3. Kazuo Ishiguro
  4. Bob Dylan


The Nobel Prize has been awarded in __________ fields.

  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 6
  5. 7


For which of the following discipline Nobel Prize awarded?

  1. Physics and chemistry
  2. Physiology or medicine
  3. Literature, Peace, and Economics
  4. All of these

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