Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

A Non-Verbal Intelligence Test is for checking the eligibility of a candidate as it solves the routine-wise issues or not. Non-Verbal Intelligence is important because it makes the students analyze and solve complex problems of society. Non Verbal test contains numerous mathematical terminologies, physics issues, and computer sciences concepts. On the other hand, the non-verbal intelligence test is also called the common sense test. However, a person with common sense may or may not score high on a typical IQ test. 

Nonverbal intelligence is an important part of different selection and screening tests. To check someone’s IQ, both verbal and nonverbal intelligence tests are used.

Pakistan armed forces used both verbal and nonverbal intelligence tests to determine a candidate’s potential IQ. The lowest score to pass an intelligence test in the armed forces is 50%.

What is the basic purpose of Nonverbal tests?

The beauty of Nonverbal intelligence is that Illiterate people can solve questions, who can not read and write. The basic purpose of the Non-verbal intelligence test, when it was invented, was to evaluate both literate and illiterate people.

How to solve the Nonverbal intelligence questions?

Every nonverbal intelligence question has some underlying principle, you have to identify that. There are different categories of nonverbal intelligence. You must understand the different categories of nonverbal intelligence questions.

Types of Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test, Non-Verbal Classification, Quantitative Reasoning, Pattern Test, Analogy Test, Completion of Series Test, Non-Verbal Reasoning Classification Test.

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