Output Online MCQs With Answers

We have compiled very important and most repeated questions for Output Online MCQs which are asked in academic as well as in different exams. Most importantly our Online MCQs will help you to evaluate and check your knowledge of computer and IT basics. These Computer Knowledge MCQs will help you to crack any competitive or academic exams. 

Youth For Pakistan has provided an excellent opportunity for the students to prepare for their Computer Knowledge Online MCQs test. These Online Computer Knowledge MCQs cover all the topics including MS Powerpoint, MS Word, MS Excel, Information Technology, Hardware, Internet, Operating Systems, Keyboard Shortcuts, Network, Data Structure, DBMS, Security, Abbreviations, Computer Graphics, Output, Memory, Electronics, Input, Marketing, File Location, File Extensions, Software, Programming, Computer Basics, Windows, Binary, Discrete Mathematics, Data Communication, Compiler and OOPS.

The questions about computers are asked in almost every test whether it is for admission to some institutes or for recruitment purposes. 

Output Online MCQs with Answers

We strongly recommend to all of our visitors that they attempt these Output Online MCQs tests more than one time after completing the preparation so that they can prepare for the Output MCQs in the best possible way.

1. New technology named 'LED' is abbreviation of _____________
light-emitting diodes
liquid emitting displays
less emitting diodes
low emission displays
None of these
Correct Ans: light-emitting diodes

2. Computer or system peripherals that receives data from processing unit are called ______________
output devices
preprinted documents
analogue devices
None of the above
Correct Ans: output devices

3. Using output devices one can _____________
Input data
Store data
Scan data
View or print data
None of these
Correct Ans: View or print data

4. Display technology that uses gas between two glass sheets is classified as ___________
less emitting diodes
low emission displays
light-emitting diodes
plasma displays
None of these
Correct Ans: plasma displays

5. Devices that let the computer communicate with you ___________
None of these
Correct Ans: Output

6. Which of the following is not an output device ?
None of These
Correct Ans: Scanner

7. A marker on computer screen used to show current position or for entering data is called ___________
colored marker
position checker
screen contents
None of these
Correct Ans: cursor

8. A displaying screen in which text is presented in one color and background is of any other color is called ____________
monochrome screen
high resolution screen
low resolution screen
medium resolution screen
None of these
Correct Ans: monochrome screen

9. Output devices make it possible to ______________
View and print a data
Scan a data
Input a data
Sending a data
None of these
Correct Ans: View and print a data

10. Which of the following groups have only output devices?
Scanner, printer, monitor
Keyboard, printer, monitor
Mouse, printer, monitor
Platter, printer, monitor
None of these
Correct Ans: Platter, printer, monitor

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