Sihah Sitta Books MCQs with Answers

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Sihah Sitta Books Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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Fatwa Kazi Khan is the authentic fatwa of which sect?

  1. Fiqah Hanfia
  2. Fiqah Shafi
  3. Fiqah Hanbali
  4. Fiqah Jafriya
  5. None of these


امام بخاری کا اصل نام کیا تھا؟

  1. نعمان بن ثابت
  2. اسماعیل بن نعمان
  3. سلمان بن اسماعیل
  4. محمد بن اسعاعیل


What was the name of Imam Bukhari (R.A)?

  1. Muhammad bin Ismaeel
  2. Muhammad Ismaeel
  3. Muhammad Ibraheem
  4. Ismaeel bin Ibraheem


Siha e Sitta are the six books of ________ ?

  1. Tafseer e Quran
  2. Serat e nabvi
  3. Fiqah
  4. Hadith


Sahih Bukhari was compiled by_____

  1. Mohammad bin Ismael Bukhari
  2. Imam Malik
  3. Imam Humbal
  4. none


How many Ahadis does the Sahih Bukhari contain?

  1. 8821
  2. 7275
  3. 5636
  4. 6722
  5. None of these


Book by Hazrat Ali

  1. Nehjul Balagha
  2. Siah Bukhari
  3. Both
  4. None


Who compiled Jami At-Tirmidhi?

  1. Abu Dawood
  2. Malik bin Dinar
  3. Abu Muhammad
  4. Abu isa Muhammad ibn Isa at-Tirmidhi


Who compiled Sunan Ibn Majah?

  1. Abdul Rehman
  2. Iman Bukhari
  3. Ibn Majah.
  4. None


Siha e Sitta are ______ books of Hadith?

  1. Two
  2. Three
  3. Four
  4. Five
  5. Six


The first biography on the life of Holy Prophet ( PBUH) is written by:

  1. Ibn-e- Ishaq
  2. Ibn-e-Hisham
  3. Ibn-e-Khaldun
  4. none of these


Ibn-e-Maja wrote ______book?

  1. Kitab al Athaar
  2. Quran fil Asr il Hazir
  3. Kitab al Tafsir
  4. Sunnan wal Ahadith
  5. None of these


Who compiled Sunan An-Nasai?

  1. Al Maliki
  2. Al Bukhari
  3. Al Dawood
  4. Al Nisai


Who compiled Sunan Abudawood?

  1. Abu Dawood.
  2. Salahuddin
  3. Al Nisai
  4. none


Hazrat Imam Tirmazy was a student of______?

  1. Imam Abu Dawood
  2. Bukhari Sharif,Ibne Dawood
  3. Imam Bukhari
  4. None


Sahih Muslim was compiled by__________

  1. Muslim bin Malik
  2. Muslim bin Amaar
  3. Muslim bin Hijaz
  4. none


Imam Muslim died on 25 Rajab

  1. 255 AH
  2. 261 AH
  3. 266 AH
  4. None


A book on collection of Ahadis of Shiah Bukhari is

  1. Imam bukhari
  2. Imam malik
  3. Imam Abu Hanifa
  4. None


Date of birth of imam Bukhari

  1. 20 July 810 AD
  2. 21 July 810 AD
  3. 20 July 811 AD
  4. None


Muhammad bin Ismail Bukhari is the author of:

  1. Ibn e Maja
  2. Sahih Muslim
  3. Abu Dawood
  4. Sahih Bukhari

The Six Books of Hadith are known as ___________?

  1. Kutub e Arbaa
  2. Arbaʽeen
  3. Usul e Sitta
  4. Siha e Sitta
  5. All of these


The first authentic Book of sahhaye sittah is___

  1. Sahih Muslim
  2. Sahih Bukhari
  3. Tirimizi
  4. All


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